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  1. Nauka


    If you can get a mage in party for Snare, maestro with spear and golem spirit will obliterate the mobs. The golem spirit will cut hp like butter. And you can solo IT with exalted gear. Tell me, any other class can do that? Maestro is perfect if you do not plan on spending 10k euros in l2store, you barely even need a weapon.
  2. Nauka

    Weapon for maestro

    I know it is a bit late, but yeah it's a good weapon for start. Most of our damage is done by the golem spirit and last attack. And that extra 150 attribute pays off for the lesser p.atk or lack of pve bonus. I'm using Frenzied Tauti right now. Also since it's a popular weapon it will be easy to sell.
  3. Maybe if we crash login server, they will notice?
  4. Monday is almost over. Juji why we have no updated info? What kind customer service is this? Manager please
  5. The changes were applied to make the game as it is now. Sesh2 you are trying to compare L2 live with the one we had back in Gracia or Kamael. It's not the same game anymore and never will be. And pay2win games are the most effective way to keep such games running. Honestly I prefer this type of L2 rather then no L2.
  6. Does Spirit of Golem work with spears? The continent of mobs is mostly aoe and fast kills, seems to me that spear is more viable option. But i'm just 101lvl with exalted blunt... Any experienced Maestro can give an advice?
  7. Started for me this morning. I can register shots in AH, but not items like attribute stones, stardust or zodiac cube fragment.
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