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    I have a big doubt about casual players like me. I play every 2 or 3 days since I have many things like work and children, so my question is, once I create my characters, and I've been playing for 15 days, the weapons that help me to fade disappear, I have barely managed buy a weapon, I do not even reach 500k adena, at this point I am level 30 and almost 40, which I am supposed to do, since I cannot talk because I do not have any weapons, I do not have adena to buy a , not even partys of my level, and the only one there is afk, so there is no fun, have you thought of anything? Or am I looking for another game, in which I don't have to buy adena from third parties, or pay money for tickets? Because everyone tells me the same thing, create a new character, of course that goes back to the beginning, to go up for 15 days and stop having the weapons and stop being able to play, so always ... the idea was to play with one or two characters and to be able to keep on talking, but tell me, as I do at level 38, without a weapon to light, without adena to buy weapons, and the little I get from fishing is for buffs. Tell me if you have something for casual players like me, greetings. Sorry for my english.