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  1. A truly free event! Feel free to post your questions on the forums. Just - the chance to receive a response from the official side is the same as the chance to receive a top reward at one of those overpriced "buy a pack from L2-store and get some useless things"- events …
  2. Ouch, that was a bit harsh. As he said in several "fake-lag-posts", he was talking to many others, and none of them had problems with lag. Although - interrogating NPCs doesn't really correspond to a representative survey ...
  3. Fake lag? Yes, of course, we European players all use wooden pcs, powered by a hamster in the wheel. It's still unclear whether our hamsters have just gone on strike, started a revolution attempt, or are suffering from the mysterious "tired of L2"-disease. The only certainty is, that the problems started with the last update.
  4. Question to Draeckepedia : Till now Domi was only available for main class. Does this restriction get removed with next update?
  5. Right. Not my job. Not my profession. It's theirs. And a part of their job is - or at least would be - answering questions on forum. I don't think,you need a miracle to make this happen. But according to your logic... Unless you're a hairdresser and able to cut your hair yourself: If you visit a hairdresser to have have your hair cut and the hairdesser uses a flamethrower or a lawnmower on you, that would be ok?
  6. The Hero Coin reward list has been updated Just this: https://picload.org/view/dooarwcr/trollsoft.jpg.html
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