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  1. "We kill every afk player" was their explanation ... totally BS, they pk'd ppl over and over again wich ended up that most players didnt go out town anymore or logged out.
  2. alot of players quit cus of this, NCsoft will lose income and maybe ... just maybe they will do something about it ... when its too late
  3. nice vid! those they ( epidemic) wont record nor post
  4. imagine for gm buffs, they give them for about 30 mins on fantasy island and you have a queue from 500+ppl :DDD
  5. Wouldn't it be cool if they get some attention too ?
  6. @Juji and what if you character is created before 8/31/2005 ? might be just a handfull but still ... Hey .. it never hurts to aske heh grtz
  7. TinyToppie

    Naia Siege 07/19

    is this called a siege now ? superfast targetting, one shot kils and maybe 50 ppl on the siegefield .. damn, i didnt know siege was broken too
  8. was not their problem, an internet provider had ip issues who affected a bunch of isp / websites ...
  9. didnt knew that using a VM is considered as exploit btw, hi spyro
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