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  1. I also remembered that Aion is constantly updated... if like it or not i think it's a matter of personal choice.
  2. Class Question

    When the creation of the character is re-established, i intend to create a Tyrr Titan and as a dual class (To play either alone or/and with others) i thought of doing ISS.... but which one and why? I thought about doing an ISS Doomcryer or rather an ISS Spectral Dancer for the Melee Warriors?
  3. Info and Problem for Live Servers

    My first answer refers to this
  4. Info and Problem for Live Servers

    I read the dual class and subclass system better, it's probably as correct as you say... thanks anyway.
  5. Glad to know this. Thank you and hope for the best
  6. Info and Problem for Live Servers

    Thank you so much!
  7. I don't have and i don't want to hurry anyone, take the time you need but do you have at least a date or a waiting time for the restoration of creation? Just to get me and make us an idea to avoid trying every time... i want to create a character on Live servers but it's impossible at the moment.
  8. Info and Problem for Live Servers

    Thanks for the answers guys! No, i've seen videos where a Dark Elf Woman was a Tyrant and a Human Woman who was a Titan class. See yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnX2vXvNzMo
  9. Info and Problem for Live Servers

    Thank you for having responded and thanks also for the welcome, hoping to be able to create a character soon and play... Last thing: Any advice on a good PvE class both alone and in a party? I thought could create a Titan or a Summoner because i like them, but it's possible to farming and party with other people with these class? P.s: I saw some videos on youtube of classes like Tyrant and Titan but of Human race and Dark Elf, how is that possible? (I haven't played Lineage 2 for several years and so i am not well informed)
  10. Hi guys, as the title suggests, i would like to ask you some things about Live Servers, first let's start with the problem: - I tried to create a character on both Live Servers but it tells me i can't do it and have to delete the ones i already have (never played on live and no one char create) I have read that it is due to latency problems... is there a solution or should i wait? - Can i use dual boxes on Live Servers? (Only one, since only the ISS is enough for me) - I read that the game starts practically after level 100, on Classic you have to grind (heavily) from the beginning to the end but there, instead, only at level 100. I generally prefer PvE.. and spending something money at the shop, paying 15 euros for subscription and making grinding in areas below level 100, can i accumulating adena and selling items to npc's and players to get the equipment fitted for the new zones and so on progressing slowly? Thank you all and good game.
  11. Noob Question

    Ok, thanks.
  12. Noob Question

    Hi guys, just one question: I bought 800 NCoins, i'm Vip level 2 and bought 1 High Grade Starter Pack. When 30 days expire can i repurchase the High Grade Starter Pack again or does the "Limited 1 per account" notification mean i can't longer buy it back?