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  1. Lineage 2 on Twitch.tv

    Hello its me again. There is rumor that in Aden near WH his store opens dwarf very greedy for Adena, He sells very rare books from andcient times. You can find him there almost every day, If you got some books that you dont need this dwarf will take them to poor orfen for his young kids. BagOfMoney near Aden AH buys Codex/Mastery/Ch1 always BEST. Sup. NEWS: Bots in chaos. Automatic console that suports them is overheated. Soon every box will DC from server, Bots server DC = 0/1
  2. NCLauncher 2

    Uplad it in the night to have some rest.
  3. Lineage 2 on Twitch.tv

    Hi fellow players. If you dont have nothing to do in free time and you love Lineage 2 but at the momment you are too tired to play, come and visit my live stream on Twitch.tv from your favorite game. Come ShinobiRyuTV and chill with coffe or beer. Remember to leave follow on my channel if you like content.
  4. Yewels

    What about Trasken ring? Is it any good?
  5. How People making Adena (l2 Chronos )

    Its nothing bad. Real problem are the bots. AFK farmers are noting to them.
  6. Wasting boosts

    Rly. Why so serious as go for 1 instance or some vit item loss? Play for fun.
  7. Change main class

    Problem with classes is not only fault of game but also ppl who are playing them.
  8. You guys talking about soulshots lag? Yea its annoying. NCSoft make a fix for that.
  9. kill the dualbox!!!

    Leave boxes alone. Grr.
  10. Account is already in use.

    Got same problem. Its based on code of game. Prolly they wont fix it.
  11. Abandoned Camp glitch

    Can anyone tell me if he sees same bug?
  12. Abandoned Camp glitch

    When in AC i got graphic glitch and game loses frames. Its only when i look in certain direction in that place. When ever my camera is looking in that direction game jumpes on frames. Happends every time on evry server in AC i was on also on different PCs.
  13. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    I see more then 6k ppl on TI now and todays maintinence will change Event Bosses spawn time. Good work.
  14. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

    Np i see classic section and post for maintinence there too.