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  1. My far distant memory when I made my toon was when I was like level 40+ and I meet my first leader BeYa in Hunters Village. He invited me then to Memoria clan. Since then so much time passed and so many things happened in Lineage 2. I think it was back in Interlude when I started playing here with you guys. Love Orange. Share your past memories about this game and your first impressions.
  2. I'm 100% sure it is no fault on my Windows or even L2 client as I did not change anything. It just won't let me log in.
  3. I have got the same problem. I dc in the early morning and then I tried to log in for a long time. NC Launcher 2 says all the time same thing with the "update server" error. Now it happened again I cant do anything even got problems to log in this forum. File check doesn't help.
  4. Hello fellow players. I would like to invite you to my LIVE streaming channel on Twitch.tv Almost every day I'm playing my tank Orange on Chronos and you can join me in this adventure. Come and see what's going on on the server and if you like Lineage it is something for you. https://www.twitch.tv/drneptec/ - my stream. https://www.twitch.tv/lineage2us/ - official NCSOFT stream. If you like my content leave follow or subscribe. DrNeptec.
  5. Yyyyy, bebebebe.. because they can... Don't you know game changes all the time, authors shift places and leave old ones for future updates. Better ask the question when the continent will be round...
  6. Hello, Is it a bug or no that when I'm in pt 105 tank 104 iss and 103 yul mana is not regenerating on my iss after killing mobs. Also, happens when 95 iss and 95 tyrr are in pt but a different zone of my 105 tank. All get mana regen but iss. Is it got something to do with solo/pt hunting zones and party made by me or this is a bug making mana regeneration stop in some occasions in-game?
  7. Hello, Tyrr skills like Giant Barrier, Berserker - all the ones that are triggered on low HP percentage, cannot be used automatically. When my HP is maxed they are grey and I cant trigger their auto use. GM please look into this because of its really annoying thing.
  8. It is all the same shit every day. Sigel here Sigel there. All you need is good p.def, hp and p2w gear. Don't aim into anything specifically. Just level up and then buy gear.
  9. Terrarch my god... So many years. "Orange
  10. Witam, Zapraszam do polskiego klanu zrobionego dla przyjemności i relaksu. Chcę ściągnąć do niego chętnych polaków. Ja streamuje. Nadaje transmisje na Twitch i chce w tym klanie potworzyć CP, które będzie stanowić kameralne community. Zapraszam chętnych piszcie na Chronosie do "Orange lub odwiedźcie mnie na moim kanale na Twitch kiedy streamuje http://www.twitch.tv/drneptec #clan7/ch0/Discord/polska/Twitch
  11. OK, guys. I'm not sure if I can post links in here to videos but just write in Mr. YT "lineage 2 remastered".
  12. Putting reduced p.def to skills enchant is a good idea for people who like to deal with better damage. The tank is a support class so in basic he cants hit hard. The special setup might let your life easier when you trying to solo high-level spots with him. So reduced p.def for skills makes you hit harder them each time he is under one or more of your debuffing attacks. Another thing is having a +12 PvE cutter or avenger for mobs. If you won't have good weapon, your skills won't make you strong. SA for HP and HP + maybe c.dmg if it is possible I'm not sure. Dye set 2x CON+5 CHA+1, and 1x STR+5
  13. Hey, I would like to ask in-game observers are bots dead after autoplay mode implement to the game?
  14. Is bot really a bug that brokes game, makes codes leaks to emulators and feed dark network of Adena sellers? Same Adena sellers who suppose to have innocent life and their personal things. How so? They feed network with crap codes witch generate evil and make cybercrime possible. Did you ever see a pirated movie on TV - no, they are professional. What creates cybercrime then and why is it only inside computers? Let us don't think then what was before and was a subscription-based game better than flooded by cyber mafia NCSoft major project game Lineage 2 with the Truly free model. Time mov
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