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  1. @Hime@juji Did you guys notice that Europe changed with last weekend of march to summertime and it should be 6pm gmt+2 or 5pm gmt+1 https://savvytime.com/converter/gmt-to-pdt-united-kingdom-london-spain-madrid-pdt-france-paris-germany-berlin
  2. ihyperlite it is, its annouced with 1pm gmt+1, not 12.00. if you do not believe me,use google or any other browser!
  3. i have done a few more chars to lvl 85 last week /months and know how the system works. but still this earthia doesnt as it should, just gives me the big screen that i'm able to change class but no transfer icon shows up. to make a new char would mean for me i have to remove a old one or opena new account, both are no option i'm willing to do. and as i wrote in first post here, i wonder if it could be a bug!
  4. well, i tried to talk to any possible npc and i'm not able to take any quest.
  5. @Juji i got a problem with class transformation on a lvl 42 earthia wizard. wonder if it could be a bug that i can't transfrom to lvl cloud breaker after current update. i get the notification that i can transfer to cloud breaker when i log this char but there is no icon for it ( no open quests or questitems on this char either)
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