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  1. When cake raid happen a lot of people just wait for raids, and dont grind anymore I think that its fair, at least people will have to play to get SP. I dont want SP, I can grind it, all that I want is adena drop rework... people 76+ cant farm in any area, that is ridiculous.
  2. Ok, I do have money to spend with this game... but what the bleep, there's no way to farm adena in any place of server, only bots can do it. I already try everything, Spoil, Maestro, Necropolis, Catacomb, where is the farm zone of 76+... I have to create newbies chars to get adena on abandoned camp? The game is getting bleeping boring cause we dont have nothing to do but up elements and buy ss from l2 store. All that I ask is, 3k adena drop on elemental area, only this, is not much and the game economy will be active again. I have a bleeping zaken and its been a month trying to sell
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