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  1. ..how long does it last and will the effect disappear if you attack?
  2. How to edit the name with numbers?!

    Those numbers are now permanent. This is because there was another character at the time of the merge with the same name so the numbers were added to make yours unique. You have to pay for the name change service now but it may not be possible to get the same name back unless the other person deleted his/her character. You might want to try to plead your case with support.
  3. Freya's Fortune Stick Starts on 12/12

    I'm a bit of a pessimist... the Freya Ice Roses won't be deleted after the promo ends right ?
  4. Where are the links !

    Just replace www.lineage2.com with www.discoverlineage2.com to view a static plain HTML mirror with no media (I don't own this website.. found it some time back).
  5. Well... it's not like you're not going to get your +10 eventually but I agree getting stuck at 340 marks really burns! Personally stopped at +8 and used the adena I saved to buy GEs and made a Lv. 9 faction talisman to make up for the missing 2% (p.atk). Not that I noticed much difference between +8% and +10% p.atk anyway so to quote @Draecke meh
  6. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Perhaps. In any case, you and Omen are both higher in level and do far more stages than me so maybe for lowbies things are different. The mobs at the final boss stage are yellow to me and Beserk Melkios is red so maybe I'm getting a better reward for difficulty. Who can say?
  7. [News] Golden Compass Event

    It is not random. The version of Melkios you get (I believe) is directly linked to how fast you can kill the mobs at the boss stage which for me, Wynn 103 is always stage 18 from day 1. I discovered this last week and am consistently getting 60 marks for each run. You don't even have to kill all the mobs, just as many as you can as quickly as you can till (Beserk) Melkios spawns. When the boss spawns the remaining mobs don't matter any more so if you need to immediately BSOE out, get buffed, go back in and (if your pdef is ok) lure him somewhere free of remaining mobs and put your back to the wall so he can't push you away (melee DDs) to finish him off. Now if you're a P2W DD none of this matters since you can finish everything off in quick time but for support classes and those who can't deal fantastic damage IGNORE the Beserkers and kill as many Servants/Archers/Soldiers/Seers/Wraiths (Seers also have a bit more HP but they've never been a problem for me) as you can till the boss spawns. The Beserkers are basically tanks that have been put in there to delay and mess with you. They don't do much damage anyway as far as I've observed but I think they can also knock you down. Only once have I ever killed every single mob before Beserk Melkios spawned, the rest of the time he spawns after I've killed something like maybe 10 or so mobs. Also I believe you will only get EAR/BEAR etc. from the Beserk version of Votan. So far I only got him 3 times and got 2 EARs and a BEAR. Not sure exactly how to get Beserk Votan consistently, it's always been random for me no matter how differently I play. Hope this helps.. it seems to work for me. Be sure to kill everything in every stage before the boss stage too, at least I do not want to know what the consequences are for missing a mob in the stages prior to Melkios
  8. [News] Golden Compass Event

    ..or let us use the pass twice a day
  9. Red Libra?

    Conguero mentioned in his 2018 Roadmap post that they'd "like" to run Red Libra twice this year so it's not definite.
  10. Disconnecting and need help

    Can't say if your problem is similar to mine but here's what I've noticed and observed personally. I'm the type that usually has 3 clients up and usually when I'm done with an instance I tend to leave them for bit for skill CD before doing the next. I sometimes switch to watching a movie and tend to forget about doing the next instance. What I've noticed is that every time I forget to get back to the game, all 3 clients will DC. Tested it again on another occasion same result. All I can conclude is that this is some fantastically amazing coincidence or some *new piece of software* is disconnecting my clients after it "observed" that they were idle. This has never happened to me before.. ever. It's very rare that I DC for no reason and I play from South East Asia. So nowadays I load the shop dwarf on a separate laptop with nothing running so he doesn't DC anymore but I always try to make sure the L2 client always has the "focus" if I'm stepping away or watching a movie (movie runs on another screen). Again, just sharing my observations and what I think is going on and did in my case.
  11. Xincode Error

    So my problem was AVG Antivirus preventing XC3 from launching so I'll have to temporarily disable AVG before launching the game client now.
  12. Xincode Error

    Well, I have the client installed on 2 Windows 7 laptops. It works on one of them but the other one I'm getting the XC3 error. Oh well, will try to have the problem one updated and see....
  13. Xincode Error

    Launched the client about 15 - 20 mins back and it prompted to update which I did, then proceeded to launch and got that error. File repair in progress now. @Juji File repair didn't work. Same error code. This machine is a Windows 7 laptop but I have another Windows 7 machine on which I installed the game and tried which DOES work with XC3 running in the background. Launched 2 instances of the client without issue. So I guess it may not work on some older machines/OSes.
  14. Xincode Error

    Mine has a different error code: ERROR - 2 [00000005].