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  1. https://www.lineage2.com/news/beleths-forgotten-spellbooks "Your skills will remain should you reawaken your Dual Class through Raina in the town of Talking Island or through Elder Green during the Red Libra event (when active). The skills are also maintained after using the Chaos Essence item to change the diversification of your class. These passive skills are also active during Olympiad and Ceremony of Chaos."
  2. I've been playing for over an hour now. Login server is fine, just can't connect to the game server now suddenly after logging in with another account.
  3. Party Solidarity has been removed. All our auras became passive skills.
  4. No it isn't. Where exactly are you seeing this? How do I turn this "option" on?
  5. ..was gonna say don't think the servers went down cos the party room #s didn't reset but thanks for the update.
  6. https://www.lineage2.com/news/15th-anniversary-preview
  7. This is definitely true. And since he always speaks on the hour, I've taken to watching the clock these days and pause for a bit at XX:59 . Besides this, I've personally not been affected much but I do notice this happens more often on and off if I've had my clients running for more than 24 hours.
  8. The Hierophant gets Knight's Harmony Lv 2 at 103. With the Doomcryer it's Crier's Harmony from Lv 85. @SMFC Considering your play style, have you thought of making a different Summoner with your dual ?
  9. Oh it's definitely there.. was augmenting my retri recently and got both P and M Skill Critical Damage +15% and dumped them both. Settled for +70 attribute attack. I guess if you don't want something you'll get it .
  10. If there's any interest. My questions were: I'm seeking clarification for one of the unique augments of the Ferios Cloak "Invincibility activated when damaged if HP is below 30%.". My questions are: 1) How often can this skill be triggered (i.e: once every 30 minutes?) 2) How long will the invincibility effect last 3) Will the effect be cancelled if the player attacks while being invincible? ..and the reply was: Hello, I have reviewed the matter. I'm afraid I'm unable to state the exact time-frame on when the Invincibility effect can be triggered. However, ple
  11. ..how long does it last and will the effect disappear if you attack?
  12. Those numbers are now permanent. This is because there was another character at the time of the merge with the same name so the numbers were added to make yours unique. You have to pay for the name change service now but it may not be possible to get the same name back unless the other person deleted his/her character. You might want to try to plead your case with support.
  13. I'm a bit of a pessimist... the Freya Ice Roses won't be deleted after the promo ends right ?
  14. Just replace www.lineage2.com with www.discoverlineage2.com to view a static plain HTML mirror with no media (I don't own this website.. found it some time back).
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