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  1. Diploma for R grade

    They don´t give me any quest I am still at level 89
  2. Diploma for R grade

    Thanks, I have created a new charact, Now I am level 89 without quest? are there more to get level 95?
  3. Diploma for R grade

    My character is more than one year and I came back three days ago. So I have to start other character to get the quest al level 40 for getting R-grade. Wow R-grade at 40 and now my character isnt useful. This made me sad but thanks for the answer. I wont lose more time and I will think if I start again or left the game forever... Now I am level 87 and waiting to get 95 to finish the quest on altar of evil...
  4. Diploma for R grade

    Hello, I Had a mentor, I am level 87 and I received R grade SS but no armor and weapon. I dont received diplomas, how can I get R grade? Thanks
  5. 80+ Leveling

    Hello people, I have retourned to the Server after months. I left the game at level 80 orc tytan but now I don´t know where to go to get more level and questing. Are there more quests for my level? I have to say that I am searching for clan and I am spanish. If there are hispanic people or something is better for me but I can fix. Thanks for reading and helping