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  1. Graphical issue since update

    I have the same issue too, i had to turn off Advanced Shader effects
  2. Fix auto target please

    Yes, AutoTarget is not working properly
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a good clan, with objectives and organization. I had played in the past, but I started playing in Talking Island server 10 days ago. I'm a veteran player, I've been in many clans in many games. Char name: Eledhwenn Class: Elven Oracle Level: 37 Languages: Spanish, English
  4. Healer Macro// Fast Helping

    Excelent, I was having the same problem, thanks
  5. Hola mi nick en Talking Island es Eledhwenn, después te contacto in game
  6. ImperialxRose - Talking Island Server

    Hi, I'll email you to talk about your clan, Im Eledhwenn in game. Namarie