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  1. One box is fine, either craft/spoil or support, but when a guy enters dungeon with his +5/6 boxes following him, it's hilarious to look, yeah he stays longer, but man rewards for him x5. I hope that he isn't one of those shouting on global chat: "selling my 6kk for $$" I do take screenshots in case for future.
  2. Only thing that prevents me to log into game is avast antivirus. I have to disable whole shields to be able to launch l2. If I don't disable it, l2 client just gives some error message before launching and gameguard error when l2 window appears. Will this be over with new security?
  3. I saw some post about "don't do Oly". Yeah, I don't do it. Legit question: Are you, gms, wiling to put proof of battle quest item, required for exalted in CoC manager for adena to buy, let's say 1 proof of battle for 500k - 1m adena. I don't see a point waiting for late evening here, register, wait, wait, wait, teleport to arena, be killed in first 3 seconds, look at that guy kill 17 people in 40 seconds, wait, wait, wait, register, wait wait wait wait. .....CoC is feeding fest for endgame players. Why rest of the players have to go through this burden? Last evening
  4. No, I didn't loose anything. I'm here to understand rules. So this is not what these "scammers" are doing intentionally in a weird way? There aren't many people that do this, this problem can be rid off very quick.
  5. This question was sparked by other thread, where a player was banned for stalking and harassing other players all the time. These are some guys that run from field to field, everyday, abuse the system to get other player gear. Why not give warnings or suspend acc for some time? Is it hard to give warnings by gm/admin/cm? Why game masters aren't taking at least some actions to stop this? Nobody is asking for lost gear back, I ask for warnings to those players. It's not hundred of players, it's just a few that stir this honey pot. Or is it just me this concerned about
  6. Please make your own comedy thread and I won't mind to stop by and post some comedy gold too. Does community want to solve this problem?
  7. It's about people that intentionally abuse this to harm players. Do we do something about it or not?
  8. So where these, aka "scam", people come from again? What are the rules? As I understand, a person creates a character with a mob name with INTENTION to go to hunting zone so he will be automatically targeted by players automatic macro. I don't know whole mechanism how a player on automatic macro gets pk and how he is even allowed to attack non flagged character posing with monster name. OK, this exists, I myself was tried few times now, I watched the whole thing, I was behind keyboard drinking my coffee when famous NAIA, snow that knows nothing, goes to HB and does these dirty
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