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  1. No Mobs

    Essence got this right BTW, enough mob and reasonable refresh rate it doesn't feel pirate or out of place,
  2. No Mobs

    Couldn't agree more I'm limiting myself to lvl up in ROA
  3. No Adena drop

    Mine is an unbuffed dwarf, now I have a couple of Kamael boxing it and its better
  4. No Adena drop

    I'm not even using shots, just potions and still is not only not profitable but a loss, this shit seems broken AF.
  5. No Adena drop

    White mobs in death pass after 12 hours of play got me 20k I made 12k in 2 hours with my dwarf in ROA do I need to roll a whole bunch of Kamael to get adena? This server seems like a bad pirate run by a teenager from his basement. @Hime
  6. No Mobs

    Hey, so there are no mobs in some secluded areas, I'm not saying it has to be as ROA or anything like that all over the place, just a bit more density, as an example, in the areas around death pass and the border with Oren there should be more mobs, there's almost nothing and quite scattered. My 2 dollars to improve tha game. @Hime
  7. Is the gludio server dead or I'm just low lvl

    Omg I guess I'll reroll... what a waste.... thx for the response
  8. I'm lvl 35, rarely see anybody. Talked to a few, none responded....