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  1. I very much hope that they fix it fast, because I get annoyed from this bug. :vomit:
  2. I think it's true for any kind of pvp that can be interfered and spotted by someone op, he/she will go and kill both/all participants. I've seen it not once, not twice.
  3. Ain't that the truth. Proud to be a 1 shot tho =p
  4. I'm not sure, your best bet is sending a support ticket.
  5. Send a ticket to support so they can investigate it. Good luck!
  6. If you send a ticket to them, apparently they will investigate it. CHar time creation, played time, activity, etc.
  7. Choose Naia at server selection, because Chronos is the first server to show up. =) Yw
  8. Szia, miota jatszotok a Naia-n?
  9. AsYouWish is open for recruitment after the merge. We're a lv. 9 friendly clan, with PVE Combat specialty. Who we are: A bunch of old/new players who are helpful and love the game. Mostly English speakers from all over the world. We have European, North/South American/Canadian players so you will find ppl online at any time of the day. We stick together and do dailies, exp pts, instances, epics, rbs within the clan/ally, try to help each other as much as possible, love hunting together. It doesn't matter if instance or open field, we are happy to do whatever is available
  10. I feel you my friend, but don't put your hopes up about radical changes. The game's devolution was inevitable for so many reasons. I advise you the same as many others, enjoy the game while you can.
  11. If you got awakened, go experiment your new skills in a place like Bloody Swampland, take iss buffs from the adventure npc and learn your class a little bit. Try kartia 85 group/solo with others, make friends, find a clan.
  12. I wanted to compile a list of epics guide for players, who want to learn how to kill these bosses. We do it with clannies on a weekly basis and I noticed how many ppl don't really know everything about those instances. Please, feel free to add whatever you think is needed. I hope it will help many players. *Note: This is how I teach and do things with my clan, it doesn't mean that other ways are wrong or less efficient. Ekimus lv. 99 Lvl requirement: 95+ Min. number of ppl required in cc: 14 Location: Gludio > Keucerus > Seed of Infinity (
  13. Wow, so that survey wasn't a joke. I liked the end where they included answers such as: "I use bot myself, but I wish I didn't have to" ROFL WP
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