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  1. I very much hope that they fix it fast, because I get annoyed from this bug. :vomit:
  2. Dimensional siege is dead

    I think it's true for any kind of pvp that can be interfered and spotted by someone op, he/she will go and kill both/all participants. I've seen it not once, not twice.
  3. Dimensional siege is dead

    Ain't that the truth. Proud to be a 1 shot tho =p
  4. I want my name back!!!

    I'm not sure, your best bet is sending a support ticket.
  5. I want my name back!!!

    Send a ticket to support so they can investigate it. Good luck!
  6. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 27, 2018

    If you send a ticket to them, apparently they will investigate it. CHar time creation, played time, activity, etc.
  7. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 27, 2018

    Choose Naia at server selection, because Chronos is the first server to show up. =) Yw
  8. Magyar klan! Tagfelvétel!

    Szia, miota jatszotok a Naia-n?
  9. AsYouWish recruiting

    AsYouWish is open for recruitment after the merge. We're a lv. 9 friendly clan, with PVE Combat specialty. Who we are: A bunch of old/new players who are helpful and love the game. Mostly English speakers from all over the world. We have European, North/South American/Canadian players so you will find ppl online at any time of the day. We stick together and do dailies, exp pts, instances, epics, rbs within the clan/ally, try to help each other as much as possible, love hunting together. It doesn't matter if instance or open field, we are happy to do whatever is available and makes sense from lvl perspective. Who we're looking for: Active players who would like to be part of a clan where you can learn and grow together with us whether old player or newcomer. What we can offer: A great community to play with. Assistance to teach you instances. Tips and tricks to newcomers. Some info about our policies: We don't tolerate any negative attitude such as bad-mouthing or asking for items/pwrlvl unless offered. To set up parties we always ask clan/ally first. Discord is requiered for clan activities. Be friendly, reasonable and helpful.
  10. Dear players and finally ncsoft

    I feel you my friend, but don't put your hopes up about radical changes. The game's devolution was inevitable for so many reasons. I advise you the same as many others, enjoy the game while you can.
  11. I missed the chance to earn a degree

    If you got awakened, go experiment your new skills in a place like Bloody Swampland, take iss buffs from the adventure npc and learn your class a little bit. Try kartia 85 group/solo with others, make friends, find a clan.
  12. New Player

  13. I wanted to compile a list of epics guide for players, who want to learn how to kill these bosses. We do it with clannies on a weekly basis and I noticed how many ppl don't really know everything about those instances. Please, feel free to add whatever you think is needed. I hope it will help many players. *Note: This is how I teach and do things with my clan, it doesn't mean that other ways are wrong or less efficient. Ekimus lv. 99 Lvl requirement: 95+ Min. number of ppl required in cc: 14 Location: Gludio > Keucerus > Seed of Infinity (soi) No prequest needed. Tactics: Ignore embryos & go straight to boss room & kill both rbs. Healers hide in the bridge corners, dds, tanks, iss & rb on bridge (it helps healers to stay alive if he casts his skill guided death) Upstairs kill mini RBs in chambers when spawned to avoid skill *(guided death) Kill tumors when spawned. Tips: In case of pt death healers should pt res after guided death skills are over. *Guided death: Casted 6 times (I think) if mini rbs in chambers aren't killed, every mini rb killed reduces the number of casting by 1. Epic Istina Lvl requirement: 97+ Min. number of ppl required in cc: 14 Tank needed for aggro (can be done without, but harder > death blow skill from istina) Location: Gludio > Keucerus > Seed of Annihilation (soa) No prequest needed. Confirmation of availability needed at starting npc. (option Epic istina) Tactics: Whole pt take energy control device from entry npc to use inside on *sealing energy* when a player is in yoke status (device has few seconds cd) Kill mobs when spawn if necessary. Tips: Same as in normal Istina, avoid eruption, coloured areas, don't hit in front of Istina etc. Epic Octavis lv. 98 Lvl requirement: 97+ Min. number of ppl required in cc: 14 Location: Magmeld > Orbis temple 1st floor No prequest needed. Tactics: Nothing special. Same as in normal Octavis, 1 person on beast (wynn, feoh, yul) advisable not to put strongest dd on beast as it's dmg wasted. Again on 2nd stage same as in regular Octavis, healers hide from boss' skills. Tips: Tank is a good class to bring in this instance, although not necessary, it all depends on your pt/pts gear, lvl. Epic Tauti lv. 99 Lvl requirement: 97+ Min. number of ppl required in cc: 14 Location: Gludio > Keucerus > Seed of Hellfire (soh) Prequest needed > starting npc: Sizrak > quest name: Fergason's offer/scheme (200 mobs) Tactics: Two healers in cc (very important to sleep Zahaks) Marking floor with adena for an easy identifying to which Zahaks need to be slept. Looking from the entrance's way Zahak on the North & East must be slept at all times. If sleep fails, communicating is advisable and asking for petrify, transform from iss or exile from wynns. If Zahak is already debuffed with exile/petrify they will resist sleep, healer must keep target on Zahak and wait debuff to wear off and cast sleep right after they lose them. Zahaks spawn after Tauti is below 50% hp. Avoid red circles on the floor Tauti casts 2 skill you have to look out for, 1 is called Ultimate whirlwind the other Ultimate Typhoon. These 2 skills are casted when Tauti is below 50% hp and can wipe away the whole cc and it's necessary to get close to or far away from the boss when he casts them. It's good to use a **macro shout for when he is casting. Tauti Whirlwind = Run away from boss Tauti Typhoon = Get close to boss Tips: Spam skills like brilliant purge, healer celestial, angel touch to be able to avoid annoying stuns (it reaches pretty far) **Macro shout for skills ``Whirlwind >> RUN ``Typhoon >> CLOSE
  14. In Response to Recent Player Feedback

    Wow, so that survey wasn't a joke. I liked the end where they included answers such as: "I use bot myself, but I wish I didn't have to" ROFL WP