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  1. I very much hope that they fix it fast, because I get annoyed from this bug. :vomit:
  2. I think it's true for any kind of pvp that can be interfered and spotted by someone op, he/she will go and kill both/all participants. I've seen it not once, not twice.
  3. Ain't that the truth. Proud to be a 1 shot tho =p
  4. I'm not sure, your best bet is sending a support ticket.
  5. Send a ticket to support so they can investigate it. Good luck!
  6. If you send a ticket to them, apparently they will investigate it. CHar time creation, played time, activity, etc.
  7. Choose Naia at server selection, because Chronos is the first server to show up. =) Yw
  8. Szia, miota jatszotok a Naia-n?
  9. AsYouWish is open for recruitment after the merge. We're a lv. 9 friendly clan, with PVE Combat specialty. Who we are: A bunch of old/new players who are helpful and love the game. Mostly English speakers from all over the world. We have European, North/South American/Canadian players so you will find ppl online at any time of the day. We stick together and do dailies, exp pts, instances, epics, rbs within the clan/ally, try to help each other as much as possible, love hunting together. It doesn't matter if instance or open field, we are happy to do whatever is available
  10. I feel you my friend, but don't put your hopes up about radical changes. The game's devolution was inevitable for so many reasons. I advise you the same as many others, enjoy the game while you can.
  11. If you got awakened, go experiment your new skills in a place like Bloody Swampland, take iss buffs from the adventure npc and learn your class a little bit. Try kartia 85 group/solo with others, make friends, find a clan.
  12. I wanted to compile a list of epics guide for players, who want to learn how to kill these bosses. We do it with clannies on a weekly basis and I noticed how many ppl don't really know everything about those instances. Please, feel free to add whatever you think is needed. I hope it will help many players. *Note: This is how I teach and do things with my clan, it doesn't mean that other ways are wrong or less efficient. Ekimus lv. 99 Lvl requirement: 95+ Min. number of ppl required in cc: 14 Location: Gludio > Keucerus > Seed of Infinity (
  13. Wow, so that survey wasn't a joke. I liked the end where they included answers such as: "I use bot myself, but I wish I didn't have to" ROFL WP
  14. You want to change your specialization not your race. NCstore offers Chaos essence for main and dual. Using this item, you can stay the same class and choose a different path. Ie: you can become a doomcryer from hierophant.
  15. Follow the forum a bit. Giran is emptier, because, game population has decreased since Interlude, game starts at 85+, before that you just follow a weird, useless quest chain to kill mobs for no real reason. You need to relearn the game, because things are not like back then. Classes get to awaken now, making their old skills useless. Albeit their new skills are way more powerful. Artisans become Tyrrs. Read the patch notes if you wanna know what happened to them.
  16. You need to be sneaky and go when you don't see many ppl around, especially not geared up players that 1 shot u with their dragon/dark weps. If you see anyone trying to get to u, try to be faster and use skills like celestial, disparition, purge, hide, crystal form, decoy, fake death, any ud u got etc. (I don't know ur class so check what skills u have for longer survivability) You have more chances to finish talking to npc if they lose target or need a few extra hits to kill u. In case u die relog and get res in town so u don't lose exp (if you're clanless or your clan isn't registered to si
  17. Can you elaborate what lvl u are, what skills etc
  18. Did you use fortune pockets to lvl up? Because then you might not have enough sp to learn them.
  19. 999 billion adena. You can check here. http://www.lineage2.com/media/content-images/patch-notes/Lineage II - Grand Crusade Patch Notes.pdf
  20. xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Post of the year!
  21. Hey, this path of awakening isn't available anymore. Now you get the free items ingame completing your chain quest up to 85 called "Kekropus' letter".
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