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  1. trully i wish for everyone to win as many of the top rewards for all stages of rim kamaloka (i don't believe it will happen but i hope), and maybe prices will drop for some items or i am just a dreamer
  2. why rim kamaloka stage 1 give only angel earring+6 and necklace +6 and not angel ring +6 or even clean, but stage 2 and stage 3 give dragon ring? what i see is that for one more time rewards are unbalanced between top tier players and the rest who have no chance to get an item that actually worth something. This is not crying about free rewards because i know its free, but so are the rewards from the higher stages and there is no balance even on free events as this, some people are always privileged. The distinction could have stayed only on xp and fragment rewards and not on the rand
  3. Today is the day we get the patch notes, so how long until release? there so many things we need to know and so little response time
  4. Hello all, It has been a while since we saw any kind of previews and/or information for events/updates and every time i post something similar the answer is that from now on this will change. Can this time be different and in fact have the information prior to the events or the updates? No offence and thank you
  5. @Juji Is there going to be an option in Red Libra NPCs to exchange dark weapons to bloody and vice versa? i heard that was an option in other regions in the first Red Libra after fafurion update.
  6. It has been months since we last saw a monthly preview. Is it possible we get a preview for the rest of this month and a glimpse for next month? (fixes, events, updates, items, store, etc.) Thank you.
  7. So enchant sticks..if my poor mind understand correctly that means only chars with high LUC stat are going to reach high enchant lvl. Or because it is an event it is not based on LUC?
  8. agree with that prediction. The few past months most of the events since last red libra are reducing the adena flow in the game[artifacts/merkios bracelet etc etc] and the prices of everything are dropping exponentially, till the point, i believe, that when the merge time will come( and it will come) there will be very small or not at all diference with the prices of chronos, so that this transition will be "painless" .
  9. super like/swipe right/thumb up !!!!
  10. super like/swipe right/thumb up !!!!
  11. Any info according the title ? Ty in advance
  12. I can propose for next red libra to add the possibility for someone to change main Class, but you can make it with specific requirements so that both sides (players and NC) can profit, for example: Only same race changes (so NC store do not lose $ from sales of race change service) make it one time only (add item in in inventory upon using it so that if the same event happens again in the future someone wont be able to reuse it) can be bought only with hero coins (more profit for NC [as to collect e.g 100 hero coins needs quite a spending] and only those who have thought it
  13. Don't forget its black friday on November 23rd. (Last year it was 3 days, flash sales of La Vie boxes).
  14. If the upgrade fails does agathion charm disappear/break or is it reseted to +0?
  15. I dont have the doomcryer but if the next update is in a few months its worth to lvl up a 85 toon, it only takes a few hours. I need that for open field xp and factions I think the non awakened skills will be restricted only in instances. I just ask if this combination of buff is better than just iss buffs for yul Thanks for the fast reply
  16. Hi ppl!!!! Is it a good idea to use iss hierophant buffs(pom+sonatas+melodies) and combine them with iss doomcryer preawakened buffs like COV+chant of rage+cryers harmony instead of drum and guitar melody? Or any other advice /idea would be perfect. Thanks in advance.
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