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    Don't think that i\m they fan, i rly don't care. But i have quesstion: why not to press with right button of mouse on they nickname? Got fcked latinos? why not to bring 2 latinos ally and fck Stanx and other 2 dudes? - there is really much latinos (and it's fcking boring if count that meh from EU), so what are you talking about? Nice reasons to leave server imho: people leave couz got fcked and cannot do anything with that, only adena sellers and bots in Ruins of Agony left And people who have nothing to do after work - like me. Just neutral view on this situation, and once again, please don't tell about toxic - it's excuse for 5 y.o. childrens who don't know how to block.
  2. This game is unbalanced since "classic version" announce. Let's watch truth in eyes: in l2 classic rates are around 0.1 on exp and around 0.001 to adena/drop to really "classic" chronicles. Because like was announced "l2 classic will bring old players backs because it's old cronicles in new vision (graphics)" - kill me people, it's not fcking close to old chronicles. So here was no balance from start and will not be in future, this is one more ncsoft project how to keep alive dying game (and kinda unlucky, and it's sad) ....
  3. A few questions

    3-rd class dyes are +1-1/+2-2/+3-3/+4-4 --> 76+ lvl need. They are in Giran for sure (where u adding dyes)

    Agreed, already 20 mins cannot login back.