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  1. isn't archer consider meleee range attack? Be cause it's physical attack too
  2. Hi may i know is counter crit p crit damage 100% is it works for archer? my archer activated the buff for 8 sec but i don't see any improvement on p crit damage.
  3. i still unable to login to classic....closed at login screen.
  4. Is it me or is it my connection??? This is getting very frustrating now! I have to kept disconnecting every 10-20mins after 14:00 server time!! Worst after 18:00 server time! What happen?
  5. goosh..this new system making me gonna quit on this game now. NC came out with this system but removed runes from VIP.also RB drop. Worst part is nobody is selling the aden lvl 1.So means only some small group of people who has sealed runes get to enchant their soul crystal to higher level. We who have only aden 11 which is stuck at the level. Why having new system to make us suffer? suckz i felt even more weaker after this updates.
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