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  1. AS title says WTT Lindvior caster frag, (have) for Lindvior Earring (need). PM here on forum to agree on in-game meeting.
  2. Hi all Strom screamers out there, As title said WTS Lindvior Caster frag. PM here or Mail in-game with serious offers. Accept Items or Adena (or combination)
  3. So if I understand it right they fix archer by reduce 1 skill reuse by 25% and 1 useless skill by 50% to mitigate the fact that fresh starting player choosing Yul class will celebrate his 1st skill mastery in-game ever at level 106?
  4. Nerfing Mages dmg before yull boost so 99% of them relloled, then nerfing yul 101 skills as too much dmg then nefring ultimate evasion from evading mage attacks now nefring skill mastery for a long range assassin char there are few possible reasons for that - somebody really sux in math and have no clue how % values works and stacks up (yes including the 1st update of yul to one shoot anything) - not inline with corporate goals as that dmg output is free to get so no ncoins dazzling sound behind it - preparing for a stage on Asia got Talent to show Simon who to optimize and po
  5. Asachiara


    Ring of creation change for tauti ring +5% skillpower AQ soul is ok but better Soul Baium change zaken and orfen earrings to higher mdef ones Istina normal + olly special stun earring.. U don't need 1 pages of stat on Zaken earring when u got mdef of eply and get 80% of your HP down by any 100+ mage mob... then if u once got chance go for end game get blessed valakas 1st
  6. btw u got one wrong assumption. Check on videos also what is their base dmg so non-crit hits and you will see they hit 110k as no crits..
  7. Jewellery like tauti,AQ or Lindvior crit dmg does not work on skills at all just normal hits..
  8. just to compare.. with my pve cloak +7 i do kama 99 in about 6-8 minutes. with pve cloak +15 with +5% pve dmg and +15% skillpower i do it in about 2 minutes duo without any lvl 5 jewels Reading ur equip list it seems the mistake is hidden deeper as with that equip you should easily hit 350-530k 1st RB in Kama. Most probably u lack elemental attack get 600+ at least. Ruby 4, opal 4 is must. Insanity adds 5% skill power. What is your skill enchant path? Class? What are ur APs? as Moonlight or Trickster will not hit that hard on single crit dmg in pve than GS (the guys u are comparin
  9. I do recommend to get some time with coffee and something to warm feet and read through any good L2 wiki site and learn about skills of other classes. I know it time consuming and it is hard cause some skills are not end game and can be acquired at level 94 where all other classes get nothing.. in addition there are lot of items which gives immunity or ful hp/mp/cp restore...
  10. change SA on bow (skill crit dmg and atkspeed+skillcrit dmg) u need to achieve ~90 dex on normal CP buff + fish stew rest can go STR (combine your equip this way not necessary to change dyes immendiately) Get reflect or shiny shirt (cause of +4 stat) get Advanced bracelet just to get +4 STR or DEX depends what u need get poinpoint and quick shot to +15 and above on focus route first, then multiple arrow to +15 focus. Rest can stay on +10 for a while.
  11. Asachiara


    WTS HEWR for 3.5b or 33 Gemstone Powder mail in game
  12. This is pvp game. The content of the game can be owned to full or at least some extent. If RB gives interesting adena big stacked farmers will killem. you have to pvp for them and yes most probably you will loose 99.9999% times.
  13. Many other MMOs got "bound" system to prevent gear sharing which allows to drastically decrease the difficulty of certain game aspects. In L2 you can fish out the rune which grants you ability to wear gear tier which above your level. But yes if some1 invests into dual class with booch, talismans and weapons just to kill RBs people which does not have that equip now struggle. On other hand this is the way the game is done. RB should be a PvP content (flag and fight for the boss) not that RB is an challenging pve content in piece zone. (ofc it is hell hard to kill such player with non-eq
  14. Man with that gear you can put a 1kg weight on your Shift key and take targets by right clicking your party mates icons (aka manual assist)
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