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  1. Solo rb

    This is pvp game. The content of the game can be owned to full or at least some extent. If RB gives interesting adena big stacked farmers will killem. you have to pvp for them and yes most probably you will loose 99.9999% times.
  2. Solo rb

    Many other MMOs got "bound" system to prevent gear sharing which allows to drastically decrease the difficulty of certain game aspects. In L2 you can fish out the rune which grants you ability to wear gear tier which above your level. But yes if some1 invests into dual class with booch, talismans and weapons just to kill RBs people which does not have that equip now struggle. On other hand this is the way the game is done. RB should be a PvP content (flag and fight for the boss) not that RB is an challenging pve content in piece zone. (ofc it is hell hard to kill such player with non-equipped toon) Unfortunately gear wins this game and it is made like that since prelude.
  3. Is this possible by Hand?

    Man with that gear you can put a 1kg weight on your Shift key and take targets by right clicking your party mates icons (aka manual assist)
  4. Best iss 101+ after salvation

    No it does not I was mistaken
  5. Doubts on Critical Damage Reduction

    Yes you have to test (but is it hard as i.e. Abundance has also pdef and -15% pvp dmg) Auto attack form Feoh is if he start to hit u with the retributer not using skill autoattack. So far "my observations" are Abudance is p skill crit dmg reduction Drum melody is only for autoattack -35% Heavy armor it seems to work also for p skill crit dmg AP Guardian's death I never tested There ARE skills/Items specifically on crit reduction on Physical and magical type only. Brooch Diamond additional pdef reduces p crit dmg only Brooch Pearl additional pdef reduces m crit dmg only Physical reflect Shirt I think it is clear Magic reflect Shirt I think clear also Yul Ghost Sentinel has Hawk eye -15% m crit dmg
  6. Classes & Exalted Bonus

    You got this wrong. Elemental attack vs defense is resulting to a dmg modifier. so if u hit 500 defense element with 500 Attack element the bonus is 0% so literaly the dmg boost coefficient is 1.00. In case you hit 1000 just from the Attckpower/defnse formula you got 1000 also with 500 vs 500 If you raisae attack element to 600 vs 500 defense bonus is 12.63% cca so the coefficient is 1.1263 If you hit 1000 just from the Attckpower/defnse formula you got 1126.3 with 600 vs 500
  7. Lf yul help

    just bad luck I think try to shout 2-3 days
  8. Lf yul help

    While making any trades keep in mind the following Skills should be on Focus (at +10 it start to be visible at +20 is pure beauty) You need 500 attack element (so till u get opal 3/4 and stuff try it with +70 attribute attack Augment instead if Skill crit dmg 15%. Simple cause 15% more on low dmg is still low.) once you get 500+ (600+ with paagrio might) you can try to get Skill cirt dmg augment. In addition +70 attribute u get quite often from top stones (do CoC to get em so they cost nothing and not event for removal auguments so u just need 5 gemstone R per try) You need 125 or more STR and 80 or more DEX Abundance lvl 1 - It will add pdef and mdef for you. decreases skill crit dmg done to you by -15%. -15% pvp dmg and every 10 minutes OP skill. Will be more visible once you hit 101 and get your 101 skill to launch it in combo. If you are able to donate a bit. Wait for Shirts and get physical reflect shirt or shiny elemental shirt and make it +6 (it is perfect for you needs and not that hard to make) (+3 stats,+element resistance, reuse reduction etc nad +10% patak skill like Savage)
  9. Lf yul help

    He can go for 2 slots +3 DEX + 5 pAtak should be cheap as everyone is crazy for 1 slot STR+ patak. I got mine for 700kk. The does not need 1 slot accessories to get some fancy augments 2 two hair accessory. He would be fine with 2 slot which are cheaper.
  10. Lf yul help

    2nd round of upgrade will be Tauti ring or Longings (depends what was 1st round) +12 Bloody/Blessed bow 2 SA 3rd round +7 to +10 PvE cloak without any augment 4th round Ruby 4 and opal 4 (this is gamble therefore last place) After that you will hit in EV quite nicely.
  11. Lf yul help

    For 20b +- I don't say if you have Longing talisman. How much costs +12 Bloody 2 SA on you server? If it is 35+ I am not sure if it is worth to get such money for 1 items only I your case for 20b I will check the market if can get Tauti ring (replace AQ) +5% skill power (5b) or Longing (5b) as it adds 4% skill power +2 STATs Rub 3 (3.5b) Opal 3 (3.5b) Abundance high grade lvl 1 (7b) Buy hair accessory +3 DEX + 5% patak (less than 1b) Maybe next will be dyes buy normal +5 STR and +10 DEX or +15 DEX ones if you are Dark elf ( to get 125+ STR and 80+ DEX) Get your dmg skills +10 focus
  12. Freya situation

    I would agree on most of the points you mentioned. I was thinking several times what model will work for this game. There are several observations that came from this. First of all this is my personal opinion on reason why the game is in the state as it is. L2 is old game. Old but good. It is mostly played by the generation who was around 23 when fell in love with this kind of hardcore grind MMOs. So grind was a must to achieve something and if you were online less then 12 hours (actively) you were forever random. As the time flew these players became fathers and mothers, get a job made a career and families. Also the game changed. Subscriptions cancelled and jumped on the way of F2P models (don't even discuss this it is F2P it is not F2Win. If you try on the market you realize that you L2 has good model and most of the games you need to pay for more than 5 slots in inventory. Ofc I don't say it is cheap). However. The business model has adapted on the situation with the community. And that was most of the students and youngsters who fell in love with this game (or any other) got income which they are willing to spend on their joy. This model is legit and is wise (from the company perspective). Most people who cry on forum that it is pure pay to win don't realize that the NCsoft is a private company doing business with a goal to make profit as 99.99999999% companies on the world. They expect to have everything without spending time or money and even better they want tons of new content every 2nd month. For free ofc. Anyway... The state of the game is not caused business model. It is our Western nature. You speak for Freya but check Naia. There are clans with 1 CP in dark sets or 2 PvE CPs with exactly NO chance to progress in Clan level and clan skills. In Western system of individualism the game made for Asian is not completely fitting to. Therefore many games are "re-designed" before releasing on Western area even if they run 1-2 years in Asia and it is far from "translation only". Let me dig on that. Western culture over the years has became strongly Individualistic. We westerns believe that we (personally)matters most and every of us is the key person in everything what is happening or we take part in. Random party, CP, clan , Server. That Everybody ELSE is there for us. All the healers, tanks, randoms, GMs and support and NCsoft COE. From that is the reason why we have problems to function in Asian tailored Clan system with 140 of these Napoleon's in it. EMO quits, rages, trash talks cause our EGO was drag through a eternity long suffering when we was expelled from a random party as Party leader's friend longing in. (it is not nice whoever it actually is nothing to even spend a millisecond of your life to think about). If I don't have fun nobody can motto. Westerns don't have strong sense of duty like Asians. The clan system and the need for grind in Asian MMOs requires this kind of ability to blind fully follow orders/plans/goals. Like @OmenOfSteel.always complaining about "Lemmings mentality". The best of it all is that he is actually asking for the same. People should join Husaria cause there is one and only goal to fight a Godzilla and there is any other reason to breath and gain dignity. He also internally feels that this strong cooperation, common goal and sense of duty/loyalty is the key of success in this kind of game. Just he is not aware of that yet So the Western journey in an Asian world continues and clans are not consolidating but falling apart as one CP out of 10 has another opinion on eating Pineapples after 11pm and similar postures and statements equivalent to "death of life" questions. In addition such environments is a living ground for vessels, fakers, 2faces people who actively manages their gains out of the relationships and trust of other people as most of the western people are passive gainers. "I am standing here, I am standing here for 2 moths, I am nice, why don't someone gives me Lindvior that I already deserve" So if the community which plays Asian MMO like this will not adapt their expectations and mindset and improve understanding why the game is made like it is the CL will not help you. CL will not make you different person. Good CL is able to build the best from the material he got. But Eiffel tower is not build from papers. You need steel... So first of all we need 6-9k of steel pieces online (on these 3 servers) so CLs profiles can compete what they can do with it. Otherwise we will still end up in kind of rock and scissors wars we have now.
  13. Best iss 101+ after salvation

  14. Archer Dyes

    It would be beneficial if ppl write their current level and their goal in game. Different advice is for someone who has ready 10k$ and want to have end game char in 30 days. Or someone who don't want spend anything and want pve mostly. Anyway remember that dyes are the hardest equip to change. First of all if you remove dyes it refunds you only 5 while you need 10 to draw it back. Best is to write a list of gear which adds basics stats. and add it to base STR and DEX of an DE archer. Let's do it together for the first time (use excel) Dark Elf base 92/56 STR/DEX Longing +2 STR/2 DEX Octavis/Istina shirt +2STR/DEX Shiny elemental shirt +6 +3 STR/DEX Shiny elemental shirt +8 +4 STR/DEX Evolved Agathion lvl1 +1 STR/DEX Freya Agathion charm +1 STR/DEX Venir 8 +1 STR/DEX Venir 14 +2 STR/DEX STR+patka hair Accessory +3 STR DEX+patak Hair Accessory +3 DEX Blessed valakas +3 STR Lindvior +3 DEX Aria Bracelt STR +3 STR Advanced ARia Bracelt STR +4 STR Aria Bracelt DEX +3 DEX Advanced ARia Bracelt STR +4 DEX Exalted lvl 1 +1 STR/DEX Exalted lvl 2 +2 STR/DEX Exalted lvl 3 +3 STR/DEX Exalted lvl 4 +4 STR/DEX Exalted lvl 5 +5 STR/DEX Emerald lvl 3 +1 STR/DEX Emerald lvl 4 +2 STR/DEX Emerald lvl 5 +3 STR/DEX So make up yourself a plan what items you are able to get in about 1 year. Then compare STR/DEX (base + items u think you are able to get) and you should get 125 STR/85 DEX as starter pack or 135/90 as pro pack.. So If you are at 132 STR and 75 DEX you will guy DEX dyes.
  15. Item drop from monsters

    Have you seen there is no level cap? I can guarantee you you get your "level up slowly" after lvl 101