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  1. New here have 2 questions

    Well you don't understand me i think or i wrote wrong about aeroe ... I'm not stupid and i know what Healer do and what he is. But i need help to make my macro to heal and follow wich skills must do or something .. And about your confusion i have my iss don't worry
  2. New here have 2 questions

    Hello to everyone i started yesterday and i have 2 doubts if someone can help i'll be so gratefull Well the first it's what i did a spoiler and don't know how to spoil here. I find 2 skills but i should use any time or at first skill or when mobs dies or last hit? And my second doubts it's about macro for a aeore i don't know how to do and use and what skill must put on macro. If any can help whit that .. Thanks again to all, regards and take it seriously please P.s: sorry if my english it's bad, i'm from south america
  3. cant delate my character

    Hi u can't create a new character because are disabled till tomorrow when they make a maintenance So we must wait 1 day more
  4. I can't create a new character!

    Hi according to the admin's here on forum they wrote this feature will be able again the next wednesday of this week im are waiting to from 1 week ago too have a good day
  5. Character creation

    Hi i join at forum and game this wednesday and i see at the Maintenance Post of September 18 the next line So my dear, character creation are disabled temporarily
  6. Now i think can understand your point. I just asked to juji because if it will be activate again after maintenance beucase i wanna start ...
  7. Sorry but i don't know what u are talking about. Im new on game, yesterday i saw a video and was whit hope to play and i see character creation it's disabled ... So really idk what are u saying ps: sorry if my english it's bad
  8. @Juji Character create will be active after this maintenance?
  9. Character Creation

    But i still would get the benefit for latency of l2store what i saw at one video?
  10. Character Creation

    Hello im new on server and today i was hoping to start play and learn about the game but can't create my char ... When the creation will be on again ? Please i need fast reply. Regards