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  1. Hi guys, I can offer 1,3 bil in cash Amaranthine retributer +5+ Might +220 atribut ( 1 bil ) Octavis Shirt +3 Twilight light set all+3+atribut Seraph light set all+3+atribut If you have some inerest mail in Giran Drtikul.
  2. Hunting zones

    Hi guys, can you give me some advice where is best exp spot for my "party" ? Now I am in a Dark Omens, but exp is about 70k for party member. Can you recommend me something better with drop? Titan 79 ( tallum,ipos+ super othell 10, toi talis 6) Dark sum 77 BD 77 WC 78
  3. WTS

    WTS Quiver D,C ( 10x C, 8x D ) Sealed Major Arcane Boots Feoh rune Stage 11 - Super Advanced Stable EAA Advanec Stable EWA Stable EWA Avadon Boots 3x Doom Boots 3x Zubei Boots 1x Mail LordOfSpoill or Drtikul in game with offer
  4. I am OK with restart. I am OK with cat buff, still better than nothing. I am OK with drop L2 Coin....but give me my rune from attendence