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  1. Seriously? Seriously?!?! So now I am about to get owned even more by P2W's? The stats on those cloaks are scary
  2. It's how they roll... Just like how nobody seemed to be sure if the Feathers of blessing would be pulled from inventory after event. Proper communication from the GM's is basically non-existent.
  3. Update on ticket. Greetings, This is GM ****** and thank you for reporting this issue. I have forwarded this information to our Quality Assurance (QA) Team. I will let you know once we receive an update. If you have any additional details regarding this issue, please let us know.
  4. So this is the response I just got from my support ticket Hi there, Thank you for contacting Lineage II Support. I have looked into your report; however, I am unable to determine the specific name of NPC you are pertaining. Can you please provide the exact NPC names that involved in this issue? This will greatly help us to narrow down the investigation. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We will wait for your response. Why do I feel like they are messing with me? Never mentioned an NPC (i assume they mean mobs? which are NPC's), I literally reported
  5. They keep saying they need to see a 'collective effort' in forums for any changes to occur. So just say "I agree" for once Mixa, instead of pointing out the obvious every time with "they don't care", or "we don't understand how it works". Please
  6. Yeah most likely they won't fix, and I have a feeling it's because they don't know how to easily accomplish it.
  7. So i submitted a ticket AGAIN, and I am making ANOTHER forum topic about this AGAIN. Any chance something is going to be fixed about mobs glitching and spawning out of reach?
  8. @Hime " World Olympiad matches will start in November and heroes will be announced on December 1 " You assume these servers will still be populated in December, without any actual fixes? That is some wishful thinking. -Mobs are still spawning in out of reach places, like tree tops and rocks. -Elemental Summoners are still OP and easy to bot, and are cleaning newbie zones of mobs making it difficult for new players to xp. -Ruins of Agony is nothing but 3rd party program bots farming adena. Still see the same bots there from months ago even after multiple reports.
  9. You like P2W events? With unknown odds? You like being out-powered if you don't participate by someone who dropped $500 to get +10 talisman? To each his own, i guess
  10. Let's show these developers we are sick of P2W events back to back. Still no actual fixes to game play glitches, increased lag, or bot problem. Let's stop being abused by this game that is basically an ELECTRONIC SLOT MACHINE of enchant P2W items that eat our money while never letting us know the odds.
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