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  1. I can't update the server in Brazil Follow my provider information : CLARO S.A / IP ps://prnt.sc/rmsy5i
  2. I can't update the server in Brazil https://prnt.sc/rmsy5i
  3. Yes I guided myself a lot through L2wik, and I do experiments based on the site, through this knowledge and with official information is my cultivation practice. I find it funny that this bunch of newbies who are based on the achism without any certainty of the argument itself The server is nerfed, and that is a fact!
  4. So explain this to the administration via ticket, because I questioned them about the drop of items, because only adena falls and very few items. I was asked if adenas was falling, I said yes, but the reason for getting drop and prestige runes would be for the items rather than the adena. I received the answer that if it was falling adenas the runes were working as it should, because adena is also an item. I am very old in the game, I have experience and arguments based on discourse directly with managers.
  5. kakakakakaaka ... Adena is not an item ??? question this to the administration. because according to her is yes! I do not judge you because you must be a beginner, you must be living in a world parallel to the other players to talk so silly my noble young. Tell players which location you are earning from the 90% chance! so far many are upset about not getting so prone.
  6. If you don't know adena is an item! If in doubt about this question admin via ticket. Wrong math where? Show me the error. They are numbers, there is no escape. Regardless of farming in Tanor or any other region of my level with or without VP the result is always the same, I believe you are unaware of the results of your farm.
  7. Normal adena rate drop = 70%, with prestige + rune drop 200% = 300% chance drop. That said 70% normal adena drop + 300% runes equals a 210% drop chance. Still think it's normal to fall adena after 4/5 dead monsters?
  8. Are you serious that you haven't noticed a drop difference lately?
  9. Do you use prestige pack and destiny pack?
  10. Nothing about a possible adena drop / amount correction? Because even with a 300% chance rune I am not successful in the drop, I need to kill an average of 5 monsters to have a chance. If this is not a mistake, I can't encourage people to buy prestige pack and not open their runes until this issue is resolved as it is not worth it. because it has become meaningless to use runes for something that has stopped working.
  11. Ninja Adena Nerf

    I also own dinasty pack and prestige pack, if this is not a bad post event setup, it means that NC is really downplaying the players who pay for a more enjoyable game. #Unfortunate
  12. several dead mobs and 0 adena drop and extremely low amount of fall, nerfous server !!!
  13. Ninja Adena Nerf

    several dead mobs and 0 adena drop and extremely low amount of fall, nerfous server !!!
  14. When will they really solve the problem of latency? You do not think it is a short time Golden Compass? it is impossible to have +10 bracelet with this short time!
  15. [News] Oriana's Lucky Draw Starts 11/14

    event for you to fill your garbage bag, no one, earn nothing! the lottery is secretly not to bleep anyone off with good items. Sometimes when they have a bad luck they leave their PCs on for a long time and they release some money so they can get some of their money!