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  1. That is perfect to know! Then I no longer spend tuning an Eternal! I better just put it blessed and change it for the R110.
  2. I have been told that if you are not level 110, it will penalize you. If you are not 110 you must have the enchanted being at +10 and the weapon at +10 so you don't get penalized. It's what they told me.
  3. This day I want to complain and raise awareness with GM. There are quest that demand time and a lot of farm and with the changes that they make every time the farm areas are frequented more, the detail here and the big problem at least for the new ones like me is that it is better preferred not to be in any clan by that war kills us and even being without a clan they always take advantage of it, so it is not fair that those who already have a team always take advantage of “IT IS NOT FAIR”, they don't even let one do the missions, so I wonder how one can progress ? They always arrive and say
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