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  1. Completely missed the short window of anniversary buffs, I must have blinked.
  2. BepplerBots

    Lol, i guess when i contacted support saying 'there are hundreds of 3rd party bot programs using ponies and completely clearing out lowbee xp areas to the point that new players don't even want to start' that would be a 'game suggestion'? lol, k
  3. BepplerBots

    The best part is if you ask support for help they usually say 'start a forum topic', if you start a forum topic they delete and say contact support. LOL, it's so far passed being ridiculous that it's hilarious.
  4. When opening the server they specifically said "no P2W items". That's why....
  5. I usually buy AT LEAST 2 rune 100%xp 7-day boxes a month for whatever toons. That's AT LEAST $50 a month (which combined with other players spending) should easily pay for at least ONE FRIGGEN GM to check for major server issues at least once a day. OR at least do the easy thing and check forums where the players are posting all the bugs WITHOUT PAY for you! So easy to succeed at this NCWEST! Nope, instead we get another P2W. I am utterly baffled by your companies choices...
  6. Don't worry Mixa, your bot parties are all safe. They don't care.
  7. They will never merge servers. NCwest makes more money if they have multiple servers operating with VIP bots everywhere. If they merge servers then where do all those bots go?
  8. Bots now have 'blessing of protection' from the GateKeeper programed into their pathing routes. Now people who actually care about this game can do EVEN LESS when dealing with 3rd party botters. THANKS AGAIN @Hime and company! Never fail to disappoint the community with your apathy.
  9. cruma tower

    It's not that pkers are just showing up there to PK lowbees for fun. The situation is that PKers are protecting their adena bot farming operations, with out any fear of being banned by GM's. GM's simply don't care, they are more than willing to lie to us and tell us 'they care, and an investigation is being done", but they're lying through their teeth. This has to be one of the most crooked games ever operated.
  10. Ah, 12-13 years ago. Right around the time that L2 original went to crap.
  11. Seriously, is that the real reason behind the collection event that fills up 1/4 of my inventory? You some clever capitalists ncsoft.
  12. PONIES!

    Yup, those guys. They're like scurrying bleep roaches, except they don't scurry anymore because they don't fear GM's or bans.
  13. Baium spawn inside Giran

    Umm, if they're running it as a side business that they don't want linked to them...... Are you suggesting that they would just start printing adena with their authoritative privileges and then selling? I suggest you stack some INT dyes on your severely lacking intellect. Though, we all expected an irrelevant response from you anyways, mixa.
  14. Baium spawn inside Giran

    HAHA, if a GM was actually around, what is their excuse for not dealing with obvious 3rd party bot parties? Only reason a GM would be on is to check to see how their adena farming parties are doing. Additionally, why would they care about an epic in town? It doesn't even cause close to the damage that a million 3rd party botters cause. Juji and hime are crooked worthless