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  1. Just be quiet dood. You and your cronies have been manipulating every unintended loop hole in the system since day 1. You're part of the original problem, and then you cry about people retaliating?
  2. Did you mention all the other issues to the developers? Fixing the macro loop should be priority, but there are now many other problems that have been listed.
  3. LOL, I guarantee you're giving them too much credit. There is no master plan, if they cared about identifying bots then they would simply need to open their eyes in any hunting area.
  4. Melee has always had issues, and one of the largest underlying problems involves hit detection. Any skill that's not ranged usually just has the player skipping behind a moving target while constantly falling in/out of the activation range. Perhaps it's my latency but it's always been a nightmare to try and land a melee skill on a SLOWER target running away from me.
  5. After a ton of submitted support tickets regarding NPC monsters spawning/glitching on top of pillars, rocks, fences, etc. there is still no mention of, or attempt at fixing the issues. Several people have provided a list of monster names and locations where this is commonly occurring, what more do you need? It's been many months since this has been brought to the attention of support, and their only response is that they are 'forwarding the issue to the proper department.' For a game that revolves around hunting monsters, you would think that fixing the glitched spawn locations
  6. You all have an office? Is it called the DMV?
  7. ??? Basically anywhere adena or event drops are at this point...
  8. They use third party programs so they can automate respawns, buffs, and blessing of protection (anti pk buff). Try killing a bot in Ruins of agony and they will instantly port back to town, grab the protection buff from NPC and then port back to RoA and run back to previous spot. So the final result is that you're actually helping them delevel so they can keep botting in that zone. It's madness and completely frustrating when trying to do that low level quest.
  9. Completely missed the short window of anniversary buffs, I must have blinked.
  10. Lol, i guess when i contacted support saying 'there are hundreds of 3rd party bot programs using ponies and completely clearing out lowbee xp areas to the point that new players don't even want to start' that would be a 'game suggestion'? lol, k
  11. The best part is if you ask support for help they usually say 'start a forum topic', if you start a forum topic they delete and say contact support. LOL, it's so far passed being ridiculous that it's hilarious.
  12. When opening the server they specifically said "no P2W items". That's why....
  13. I usually buy AT LEAST 2 rune 100%xp 7-day boxes a month for whatever toons. That's AT LEAST $50 a month (which combined with other players spending) should easily pay for at least ONE FRIGGEN GM to check for major server issues at least once a day. OR at least do the easy thing and check forums where the players are posting all the bugs WITHOUT PAY for you! So easy to succeed at this NCWEST! Nope, instead we get another P2W. I am utterly baffled by your companies choices...
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