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  1. Hey there, does anyone know why the game could be making my pc so warm? 80+ degress on motherboard and processor... This was not happening before until the previous update to the latest one was made...anyone else experiencing this situation also?...help
  2. Guys that is no the situation pictured in our case. We DID NOT have more than an 8 lvl difference inside of the party, all party member where there...makes no sense at all, @Juji I know you have alot to look into, and maybe the adena will never be given to us (whatever) but please check this so it doesnt happen anymore...thanks
  3. Now its been 3 hours of party between 3 chars in TOI 2 with no more than 4 lvls of difference, and we already made 200k adena. I also have a screenshot of this.... @Juji ....
  4. Hi, I play from Germany and also cannot login and play =/
  5. Hey @Juji thanks for replying. We killed all the types of monsters available in TOI 2 including the Hallates Witch (I think thats the name), and for 2 hours not a single adena drop for 8 different chars? I think thats too much... Besides, I leveled in TOI 1 for a long time with my chars, and I almost always got adena, actually made quite some money out of lvling there...so something must be wrong or not? (If you need, I can give you a detailed list of the mobs we killed...but its basically all the ones available in the rooms of TOI 2)
  6. @Juji hopefully we can get some adena back...we have screenshots and everything...
  7. In TOI 2, forgot to mention that.
  8. Hi, so we are a party of 8 people...from lvls 55-62 (7 lvl difference) We have been playing for 2 hours already...but NO adena has dropped...whats going on? Shots, pots, spirit ores etc cost adena....
  9. I still think its incredible that they are just NOT answering anything to the users of their own platform/game....its ridiculous...
  10. well, yeah, of course I used the scrolls the system provides you...
  11. Hello there...So, im 44 and lvling...surprise for me that even though I have already been picky enough regarding the skills I learn ( due to the possibility of not earning much SP ) I now find myself with the impossibility of learning more skills. (My char is a Dark Avenger, but same happens with other chars that I have). Is there anyway of getting more SP, specific quests? or specific mob that gives more SP than exp or something? (Hope u dont say something related to buying Ncoins...) Please any info? thanks in advance
  12. Yeah....its really sad and shitty...I completely agree with what was saud before as well, NCSoft should care more, but probably this situation is somehow making them profit... who knows right? Creating a different area to level wiht no auto or bot possibilities would actually be really nice...impossible at the moment though haha...
  13. Sorry forgot to quote.
  14. Are you sure about that? 65+? People have talked before about obtaining sop or other materials...
  15. Hey there...So I´ve been reading several posts...and yeah...the picture is not really nice regarding Spoil, and so many other issues that NcSoft has decided to change and that´s making the game really not fun AT ALL... But I want to believe that things can get better, so here´s my question: where can I spoil SOP being a Bounty Hunter lvl 40? (spoil lvl 4), tried with Road Scavengers (killed around 45, and none of them were actually spoiled...) Thanks in advance
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