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  1. Gameplay vs. Respect

    Well if your ally name is Brazilians you have to expect other people say "ok lets go fight/kill the Brazilians". In the same way if your clan name was LittlePinkSubmarines you have to expect people say something like this "Ok lets go fight/kill the submarines". I strongly believe that you misunderstand or you have taken this game to seriously. In Giran server for example you read things like this "Lets kill the Greeks, poor Greeks, pay loans" but in the end of the day we having fun and all respekt its other. Dont be offended so easily. And if you are smart enough and you think that someone threats you in game in a way that seems like its gona be serious irl then just send a ticket.
  2. guys, this is the end?

    Giran server is pretty alive tho
  3. So chars appear dead after rez. Even if they move you just see them dead on your screen but they hp/cp/mp status is normal. @Juji you have to fix it https://i.postimg.cc/P5NdcBZw/Screenshot-2.png https://i.postimg.cc/RFd8v0xV/a.png
  4. So now Dear NCsoft when you port in baium instance zone you glitch. You cant move or hit. Also it doesnt matter if you /unstuck soe restart. You just get glitch in the ground like you stuck in the walls or inside the terrain. Now im here waiting for you @Juji to explain to me how the new UI glitch the whole mechanics of the server. Never seen worst updates in the history of this game. Its a same....