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  1. first, iam online mostly with 2 clients and 1 shop char in giran. when iam in cruma, the only time i klick on this autofarming stuff is, when i go to make a coffee or to the toilett. so mostly i play by myself having my warcryer sitting in the room. its not about the "PK" itself...i could life with it when the PK is a lvl 55 char or lvl 50 char ...at least there is a chance to act and do something.but when there comes a lvl 79 summoner .. what u will do ? with lvl 44 or 45 there is nothing u can do after all. we all know there is a level restriction to cruma from lvl 40-5
  2. the leven restriction for cruma tower has to be reenabled fast ....it cant be, that a lvl 79 summoner can freely go to cruma and start to pk lowbies .. level restriction is from lvl 40 till 58
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