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  1. I just do not understand one thing, the information that the event started at 6 am was put after a few hours, so who went to sleep, did not have the correct information, and placing the item in a limited way is to be more expensive and MORE PURE SACANAGE !!!! why the other items with the high price are not limited too ?????? why event items like brooches are not limited ??? @Juji it just shows nswest's lack of respect for the players
  2. Welcome to l2 NA server !!! Everything here is much harder than any other server !!! here where instead ban the bots he deletes the spoill !!! Here where items are created and placed outside the chronicle so you can raise money !!!!
  3. I was doing the bleeping instance and the server shit fell, now I can't buy the pass to do it again.
  4. I would love to know who made the account to post an event that does not allow to finish the maximum enchantment. Or are you thinking of putting enchant to sell for ncoin on l2store (which would be normal from ncsoft)?
  5. @juji Really? player wasting rune time with server restartes and queues there to make up for you putting up a donor event on the weekend?
  6. do you think he's worried about his rune ?? he really wants you to look no less possible she can buy another soon
  7. Known Issue: Server Queues

    It's no use they tool the newbie farm, and keep allowing the bot the way it is. the first big change is to bar the bot entry (in an efficient way)
  8. Known Issue: Server Queues

    I wonder when they will put the culpom '' skip queue ''? This nonsense to be 2 hours in line waiting to login 1 screen is not giving anymore.can someone tell me ?? because this forum seems so abandoned about the servers
  9. We are patient, you have to ask this for our runes that are not waiting.
  10. Calm down guys, right in your l2 store gallery, a ticket '' skip the queue '' for you who do not like to wait hours to play !!!!
  11. will we have reimbursement of the runes, since the number of mob zones has been reduced? In an upgrade comes 10 new up solo areas, who supportive play content with leveling up 5 mob and bleep? @Juji @Hime
  12. once again ncsoft outperforming doing shit !!! do you mean lag fault and overcrowding in hunting grounds? and a clown with the players, now places that had more than 10 mob with only 5? I just want to know how I will use a 30 day rune with reduced amount of animals? will increase the xp of each mob?
  13. Known Issue: Server Latency

    why not bring down the server soon ???? are you lagging and wasting time and stuff ???
  14. extended play4win event !!!! free event ended !!!! Isn't that absent?
  15. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    put rare items in the store to directly falicitar some players who are already advanced to stay even stronger is not absurd? putting items only in the l2 store avoiding players being able to make their effort is not absurd? Why not close the free access and put to pay monthly fee again? this does not seem absurd to me, I do not see any logic in this, to prejudice the real players to '' try '' to cancel the bot farm, would not it be easier to banilos? or would that be absurd?
  16. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    so, instead of fighting the bot, you'd rather harm all the others? So how did you end the spoil? I would like to understand how this reasoning works, if your nail breaks will tear your hands off?
  17. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    once again, instead of not fighting the bot, they will remove the farm from the players who play no hand to try to damage the bots ???
  18. Ducks CP (MS) vs #BestHealer Compilation

    did not have time to run under the bridge ?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAQehO2a-Ko ?? How's that bullshit ?? Where you do not count the cure because you died with 1 hit ?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxNbaTfnJJE
  19. One more event pay to win ncwest !!!! The interest for money is more and more discharged than with the diversion of the players. They put these events that need to spend horrors of money and do not think at all about adjusting the drop rate of the servers so that they can participate with adena, on the contrary they decrease even more with each update !!! Congratulations are giving the second stab in the old servers !!!
  20. Ancient Cloaks 7/25/2018

    It seems that they have invented a new meaning for '' update ''. And thinking that we would really help the players by putting a "new" way of getting the covers, but the nc $ oft showed what they really want and take our money.