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  1. the interns are very slow !!! 5 hours of maintenance for nothing !!!!
  2. there will be no quest !! already said in another post
  3. Thanks for unlocking the post !! now I hope you answer !!! first: how will an herb help what was passed in the feedback ??? people asking you to increase the spots by region, asking them to drop adena in the game and you will see with an herb ??? !!! second: red pound event !! 90% of the event and depends on adena (something scarce in the game today) together with a basic playwin event from the l2 store !!! third: one more enchant to not drop a PI !!! the drop rate is just not nerfed anymore because I believe that the system does not accept putting negative, otherwise if there was a glar
  4. we wait all week to know that it will be corrected, and on the day that I release what will be nerfed, did you fix the post and close it so that nobody can show their discontent? we are entering a period where changes have affected everyone from beginners to past players, where there is nowhere to farm adena, items or even the same level. apparently the staff uses all the devices to escape any argument, where no answer is given, where players are left in the void with their doubts ...
  5. with the exception of nerfs in everything else it may even look very deep down there
  7. I need the help of gentlemen @Juji and @Hime to find out where I managed to make adena on this serve that you are editing !!! I urgently need an update on my items, I'm 110 and I need to upgrade !!! in places where we can farm, 1k to 10k drops, the items I need are around 50bn. taking into account that I play 4 hours a day, because I need to work, WHERE SHOULD I GO TO FARM THIS ADENA ?????
  8. reviewed and did !!! and now how do we do adena on the server ??? we put pt bot to run 24/7 as it used to be ??? will we live by drop? wait not the drop !!!!
  9. the lack of respect with the players by @Juji and @Hime is incredible !!!! congratulations, not even a word to try to eliminate after a big shit done. I would like to know from you where I can use my prestige rune? since all places drop 1k of adena, and all the items I need after level 110 cost about 50bi +
  10. if not changes, what's all that up there at the beginning of the post? I forgot it's not change and nerf
  11. @Juji@Hime several positive comments regarding the "fixes" of tomorrow, will they leave everyone waiting without any answer ???
  12. thanks for wasting your time !!! we will not do anything to improve the game other than placing items in the l2store !!!!
  13. funny the stick face to put in correct instead of reducing !!!! go nerf to make sure no one does shit adena in this game !!!!!
  14. @Hime red libra just for classic ??? Really ?? when are we going to have ours twice a year ????
  15. welcome to NA server !!!!! Where we put the event take the part where you can use the coins and lower the drop of the boxes so you can not have a chance to win something !!!!!!!!! disconectes are a birthday toast !!!!!! enjoy and stop by our store to get stronger, because there are exclusive items that cannot be made in game !!!!!
  16. take those interns off the wheel !!!! the car is out of control towards a precipice !!!!
  17. these interns are working at the speed of a turtle !!!
  18. so many negative comments and we didn't see any response !!! Are we not worthy of an answer ???? even if it is something empty as it always does !!!!! @Juji@Hime@Cyan
  19. the funniest you guys talk about in line, as if it were something new, it seems that we are not having to spend 2 hours in line to play until we take a disconnect from nothing.
  20. best birthday event i have ever seen !!!!! spend hours in line and watch your runes, prestige pack and more getting lost without you being able to use !!!! another super novelty from NA services !!!!
  21. welcome to l2 NA server !!!! here everything is achieved only at the l2 store !!!! the chances that are low, here are reduced even more, so that to '' help the players '' they put in the l2 store, in the case of the rune stone for 25 hero coin (1 hero = 80 ncoin spent)
  22. more items that are only farmed by ncoin that change 100% of the gameplay and balance of the server !!!!! congratulations ncsolf !!!!!
  23. put dv and farion just like the korean, they think the players here have the same teams, and here they just nerf everything
  24. nothing about the sh1 adena drop ??? will continue to bleep the lives of players ????
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