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  1. for when you will close definitely I think that is the correct question server naia dead 99.99% absent people crazy prices for items the impossibility of manufacturing anything for when the final closure?
  2. Hi guys I would like to know a good guide on how to use the xmouse to make macro with an archer. I'm new and I don't know how that topic works.
  3. This time I will not participate in this box event since I will have to spend about 3,000 euros so that maybe some good item falls that will not be sold since the activity of the server has fallen a lot because it is impossible to farm anything other than mentees and fish that the rich and children of the rich play for whom we have families in our charge, this game is not thought
  4. hello good night I'm tired of clans with two or three well-equipped active characters use the dirty war because they get bored and are unable to form partys to do daily etc. They dedicate themselves to go to the macro zones and throw war on clans pve to go after them to hunt them in macro mode preventing the progress to other players who do not spend 90% of the PC's time to attend real life. There will now be someone who tells me to go to another game or believe me my own clan or other insults. To those who do not share my opinion I only ask for respect
  5. Hello Goodnight in the last siege I saw one thing that I didn't like anything is the imax clan seized of all the castles except goddart and rune I think there goes an idea to avoid these monopolies and stop making money with taxes 1 set up all the shops in fantasy island or that the castles once besieged are released until the next siege 2 that talisman skills weapons or other benefits of weapons and armor do not count in just siege zone pvp would be more fun and more balanced we would see massive sieges and not a pasrt of 5 killing 30 or 90 characters from another clan Adm
  6. Hello, good morning. I have been playing on the server for a few days and I have invested money in nccoins to buy event tickets and I have received good items that I want to sell to improve my character but there is no way either in the action house or in the store in Aden is This is normal or always before an update. and that they are cheap
  7. hello good afternoon I also think the same thing. but I will not stop playing but I will invest less money in events since the big prizes only if you spend 3 thousand dollars at least you drop something and now with the macros the instances are ornate
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