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  1. hello good morning after the update my magic character of lvl 109 down too much very performance i have very good equipment including jewelry of brooch lvl 5 but it is able to maintain a group of monsters in fields of tension to take away the mana in little time i would like to know if it is just my character or something generalized thanks and good day for all
  2. This message is addressed to the people of Naia. I know how difficult it is to make a jewel of level 5 I have spent 500 cases of sapphires to create the second sapphire of level 5 and I have decided to throw in the towel I have been making offers to exchange items for sapphire lvl 5 only those who have the jewel They have treated me with respect, they do not like my offer and I accept it. But I am tired of those who write to insult me and make fun, please, if you are bored, leave the characters in macro, I will go to see you nextflix but stop bothering the others I see continuously messages or
  3. brooch jewelry how long will they be in the store? or are they permanent? I would like to know why I need 2 months to gather 16,000 nccoins to buy the pack of 150 jewelry boxes brooch
  4. I agree with your publication "dime" The same thing happened to me, I hate myself with the great sapphire and it frustrated me a lot in not getting it, but in the end I managed to make the sapphire lvl 5 and I hope in a few months to make another one and if I don't wait for another event and I don't invest much money in the events max 100 dollars I have family to support and real life is ahead of any game. and by the way I like the good weather that is breathed both in the forum and in the game the change has come very well all as in life is to adapt and prioritize
  5. hello beautiful people of the lineage someone has information about the change of race of the kamael is that I have one and I would like to change it for dark elf but it is not possible and I am lazy to upload a magician to lvl 108: D someone knows something or has seen information in l2korea?
  6. Hi guys, I am not very satisfied with my main class is Feoh Stormscreamer but of race it is Kamael if I change to the original race that is to say to the original profession that would be soulhound the skills that I have at + 15 would be kept or lowered to 0 someone could inform me thanks that have a good day: D
  7. hello good night thank you for the increase in adena and drop it suits me very well to gather adenas for future improvements. And thanks to the players for the advice you give in the forum especially for cordiality and respect, I no longer see insults and teasing when someone like me who does not know how to play professionally asks about some issues thanks to everyone
  8. hello thanks for the advice and help you are very kind
  9. hello I would like to be told if there is a problem with winning xp because I have my character 5 hours in macro with the 100% xp rune and the benefits of the quest exalted already finished butt vitality with buff of gamemaster yesterday and I only won 2% in tanor I am a wizard 107 I am very very angry with this because other characters worse equipped than me or without a rune earn more xp for example my iss enchanter is already at my level and what does not use rune can you please explain? I've been reporting this problem a long time ago I thought it was a matter of my lvl but in my clan char
  10. If I know it's a competitive game but you see it balanced? I also have not gone many people to other platforms and the most curious that continue to encourage people to go if some want to play just ride your own server I just say make the game more playable nothing more than the strongest clans harass others with the wars
  11. hello good morning I want to leave my contribution to make this game fun. I have realized that the game and the people who play in it have become increasingly aggressive. It has also become more individualistic for this cause people no longer want to have a party because there is an obsection for the drop and finish the instances successfully. we should the players who like this game begin to realize that this is a game and not laugh or insult other players because they do not know how to play well or are not well equipped so if we do not give opportunities and start to be more friendly
  12. Hello good afternoon . In my humble opinion, I believe that all games undergo drastic changes and it is a matter of adaptation anyway, this game requires many hours of collecting items and it is essential not to become too obsessed with the game. Real life is more important. so do what you can and play to have a good time with nice people
  13. hello I need to know how much is left for the brooch jewelry event because there are only 5 stores in all of Naia with prices of laughter sapphire chest 600kk for example. in korea 1 sapphire 70k box Here is something that does not fit me
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