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  1. And red libra ? wat hapenned with ncsoft ? about 50% of people wait for that event about 4/5 monts wtf ho is the problem with ncsoft?
  2. Gm!!! wtf i have 2 hours of wait for enter in "queue" and im enter and dc in 15 minuts, ho is the problem ? im buy prestige pack and destiny pack for this event ho are the problem with ncsoft ? they looking for more people leave to core server ?
  3. I think nerf to adena drops is very good, becouse only yull archers can farm adena so.... now all people change to yulls only for farm adenas the others class are death, and prices of item over price, is stupid now one yull archer top can farm 6 billions of adena in 3 hours but price of blessed valakas for example is 80 b+ dont have logic, only change with good adena drops is your time lose, i prefer farm low hours in the day and buy blessed valakas for 20 b and not farm 10/12 hours in the day for buy same jewel for 80 billions.
  4. Wizard dont have damage, im feoh soulhond 111 with limited weapon +14/aden cloak +15 top augments and full items pve, i cant kill alone in one good spot, im have one yull archer lv 107 with exalted bow and have more damage
  5. ?? Only 100%exp and no drop % have about 4/5 mount with bad latency, each time more this game stinks, maybe is time to search another game
  6. Im lost about 8/9 times that istance becouse lag or mass dc, i think iss good idea who extend the event 2 or 3 more weeks, since the +4 bracelet is useless and there are many people who bought ncoins to be able to get a good bracelet and most of them lost their stay because of the lag or the massive server falls.
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