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  1. @Juji Wondering, now that Jewel boxes have been added permanently to the store, if it would make sense to add the Brilliant Brooch Jewel exchange option to the NPC Shadai (instead of waiting for some Jewel promo for it to be available at the Dimensional Merchant NPC). This is the only thing preventing us from crafting a Top-grade brooch.
  2. @TussilagoQuoted the wrong person . Please read the reply above.
  3. Actually each servitor's attack attribute value was updated quite a log time back (can't find the reference) to follow the master so this skill is not required. As for the PVE damage increase, it is not known if the skill works for Exalted weapons. You can do your own testing or open a ticket to find out. When Shadow weapons were introduced, this skill had no effect on those weapons. It was only fixed during the Helios update: Fixed the issue with the shadow weapon’s “PvE Damage Increase” effect not transferring to the servitor while using “Sharing Equipment” skill
  4. When Fafurion went live it was changed so that nothing drops: Also see here for the latest update: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/18555-pk-system-changes-632020/
  5. If memory serves, the upgrade materials in Korea were changed some time this year to R gems and Elcyum crystals plus another ingredient for the top levels. If we can't get this, they could perhaps give us an option for example to crush level 3 & 4 jewels for x & y number of powders respectively.
  6. The 3rd Liberation is also called the Awakening. The description on the dye states "Can be used after Awakening, or 3rd Liberation".
  7. Look what I found in an old char I completely forgot about, must be over two year ago. Now I can finally evolve the stupid thing when server transfer opens cos they're on the wrong friggin server !
  8. This is just my opinion, I'm sure there'll be other points of view. First PoM = Single target, CoB = whole party. The choice comes down to the maximum overall damage the party is capable of producing as a whole really and directly depends on how geared the party is. If you have 1 uber DD who can 1 hit everything having PoM on that char might make sense for max overall damage. If instead you have several mediocre DDs in the party CoB might make more sense since PoM on one DD may not be as strong as having CoB on all of them even with the reduced bonuses of CoB. if you're soloing every
  9. The fragment is, for all intents and purposes, crafting material although if I'm not mistaken I've read a post in this forum that stated you can use it like an other weapon but the only benefit is the (relatively) high p.atk/m.atk compared to standard R99/R110 weapons. Might be useful levelling boxes past the 90s if so. Fragments have no features enabled.
  10. You get 2x free from the NPC Victory that spawns after the daily raid is killed. The NPC only spawns for 5 minutes so just be ready to claim them quickly after the raid is killed (you don't need to participate in the raid to claim the scrolls).
  11. @InnerSphereGunGrave All good things to those who wait https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/19934-main-class-change/
  12. From the (translated) KR update notes for this week.
  13. If he has a Gran Kain Necklace Lv2 or higher, he can. Gran Kain's Necklace - Stage 2 333 MP + 114, Dark Resistance + 50, STR + 3, INT + 3, CON + 3, Skill Cooldown -11%, Damage Reflection + 6%, P. Atk. + 16%, M. Atk. + 11%, Skill Power + 17%, Max HP + 3%, Max MP + 5% Resistance to the following abnormal statuses: Stun + 26%, Aggression + 26%, Windstorm + 26%, Banishment + 26%, Disarm + 16%, Sleep + 16%, Active Skill: When used, ignores target's invincibility for 7 seconds.
  14. No it's not. To get the exact amount of HP being increased, after level 1 you deduct the value of the preceding level i.e: 1926 (lv 4) - 1458 (lv 3) = 468. It's an accumulated value.
  15. Actually the promo details were posted but the page has been taken off now for some reason. Just have to wait and see. It's basically the staff enchant event we had last year. Here's the EU version.
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