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  1. Blocking of clean accounts.

    So far 10 emails have been sent and nothing has been answered by our dear Ncsoft.
  2. I would like to know what is the current system of tracking suspicious or irregular accounts based on ?? I had 6 accounts active in the game, performing the same function, which was to use low level characters to collect Adena and materials using the automatic hunting system available in the game. Of these six accounts, four were blocked from access. I sent a tickt asking what happened and received the standard response generated by robots. All old accounts, linked to high level characters, with VIP level. How does this system work that doesn't send you concrete evidence, that doesn't manually analyze the accounts, that completely disrespects the user, as if our time and money invested were nothing? What policy is that? It is very clear that I did not disrespect or inflict any rules of conduct and even then you just send an automatic message closing the matter!?!? I would like you to analyze this, this policy is wrong is totally disrespectful to users.
  3. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 2

    More p2win for the herd of cattle !!