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  1. Unfortunately this is unlikely to improve since they removed the drop penalty from chaotic characters - they are now empowered to gear up with no chance of a drop penalty. I am not sure what the developers were thinking when they came up with that logic?
  2. For those of us not in a clan and therefore unlikely to make it up to TOI 5 - can the MasterBooks be traded - I don't see them in player stores in Giran for sale?
  3. Not quite sure what your development team were thinking by not having a drop penalty for chronic PK characters - what you have now done is given the green light to high level rogue PK characters to use there best gear without consequence. At least before if a 70+ PK character wanted to indiscriminately kill other characters they typically did it without high end gear for fear of getting caught and potentially dropping it if they were killed. Looking for the logic...................
  4. Thanks Duke - much appreciated.
  5. Same question.... bought Inventory expansion ticket using NC coin - went to see fisherman, Warehouse manager, Dimension merchant, even tried double clicking ticket - how do I activate it?
  6. Continue past the white Boars
  7. Just tried the new event and was unable to get any toon to assist - to get them to follow did the old double click on the target char - so they got the event completed of of the back of my main char. The macro to do all of my buffs still worked - note it's manually started with no delay or timer. I typically play for a couple of hours each evening and normally have my buffer assist. For my Warsmith, who should be paying for my SS, I cannot even get the mechanical golem to assist anymore..... Not sure I get this update, hopefully they figure something out soon......at least let the assist
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