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  1. japan vip update

    Lineage 2 classic is basically a casino. Both businesses lineage 2. And the casino buisness make. 99% of there income off of whales. casino business is much smarter tho, they know how to draw the whales in. By giving incentives to the dolphins. Make the dolphins happy and get tons and tons of dolphins. And the whales show up to show off. That’s the buisness plan. if ncsoft. Was smart. They would make all the dolphins. Happy by making the game playable not having to spend a lot of money and fix all issues. Tons of dolphins running around happy leads to way more whales showing off. @Juji. Please fix all issues that are always being posted in forums. It will lead to much more money for ncsoft. Learn by the trillion $$$$ casino empire Giving free hotels. Free this free that to draw people in. Just to get your hands on that 1 whale.
  2. Forgottens Jin Kamael Classic

    It is because that transform is very op. Kamael is the strongest class in the game if you can hit 85. That is.
  3. @Juji so many problems with game. Why would you guys put oly 5pm eastern standard time. Makes it unplayable for 90% of server. Everyone is at work.
  4. 2 tokens for account

    @Juji how do tokens work. Can I use a token on my account to move lv 5 pendant to another character within the account?
  5. Please increase aq core orfen zaken boss levels. To give some end game content. At the moment. Real money traders farm the low level bosses and sell boss jewels for money. They are all vip 0. Give some content to the vip 7 guys that spend money on the game. Please change drop rate and difficulty of dragon valley. There’s nothing to do currently for us people that want to spend money on vip!
  6. @Juji Nail in coffin. Why not do us a favor and shut the classic servers down. You think 50% exp for 1 week will make Anyone happy after wasting their 200% runes because of broken macro? Why can’t you guys add adena to the elemental zones and fix all the raid boss problems. games so dead right now. Is it your plan to kill the game because you guys did a hell of a job.
  7. Please consider extending the exp event. Everyone used there 200% runes and wasted them when the macro function was broken.
  8. Soul spark skill says it is a magic skill I just buffed blessing of queen and my crit dmg for that “magic skill” went up. Will song of champion effect this “magic skill”. This class is so butchered up with no explanation. passive skill does not work as said with light armor either. @juji
  9. skill says + cast speed when wearing light armor. Is the skill bugged? I change between heavy armor and light armor and my cast speed does not go up.