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  1. New player to Iss selection

    Nuky, thank you for your answer. I can understand that the role of a dd is preferable for solo xp and an iss is not but do you really want to tell me that every iss in the game go for party xp? Would you personally or anybody else take an iss for party at low lvls? An iss with all his buffs at lvl1? I don't think so... So what an iss do until he reach the lvl of party invitation? He makes a dd... hey why not to make all other classes and solo all the server... ? Anyway, I tried to find what dual class is more suitable for an iss (use the same gear) and until what lvl he can solo xp. My questions still remains unanswered... Thank you for your time
  2. New player to Iss selection

    First of all, thank you for your response. I will do the dual box for iss and summoner. Can someone confirm the followings gear demanding : For PVE if someone choose Hiero as main then for dual class, the duelist would be a good choice (same gear)...? and if go for sws should go for tank as dual class...? ( sws get shield mastery) so the set up for hiero would be dualsword and heavy attack type (same for duelist) and sws would go for 1h sword + shield and heavy defense type ps. i didnt see any skill for 2h weapon mastery on any iss Thank you for your time
  3. New player to Iss selection

    Hi to all, I am thinking in creating an iss as main character, and as for dual class to go for duelist. I would like to hear your opinion according to Hiero and SwS as main. 1.Which of them is more capable for solo xp …? 2.Until what lvl can an iss go for solo instance and farming …? In general... can an lvlup alone - until what lvl...? 3.Which of them is closer to the gear that will be almost the same for main and dual to use..? 4.Is there such a thing of more needed in a party…? Also I read that after the dual class awakening you get the racial stats of your main char. So if I make a human mystic, dual class will get the basic racial stats of the mystic or for the racial stats of human warrior…? I am looking forward for your answers and opinions, so I am counting to your response to make the right choice. Thank you all in advance