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  1. Server Fix !

    Ok guys I’ll say it out loud and let’s see what happens. Have you ever thought who wins by keeping end game content out of reach? NCsoft only. All end game zones are impossible to farm because if you do, you will get a grade and you will be able to progress further in the game, WITHOUT using l2 store. Right now in TI there are maximum 4-5 grps that farm in high level areas (red weapons vip 7 full p2w items) and that’s it. Nobody doing dailies after 76 as well. Economy as is, is destroyed. If you need adena you have to run 24-7 ruins of agony party instead of pushing your characters to farm on high level areas. Frintessa antharas baium are impossible to kill because they drop items that would help you progress in the game and avoid the p2w feature. How long would it take for a programmer to allow debuffs on those raids? I’d say less than a day of programming. But why do that? It’s better to sell the items via events than allow them to be acquired normally. Spoil rates... Joke. The spoil rates are not even close to x1. They are probably around 0.25% of those l2 wiki classic site supports. L2 spoiler means adena and SUSTAINABILITY for you and your group but not for l2 classic. Spoil stops being effective at around lvl 70 and before that it was just a parody. I used to fool myself by saying come on keep farming it’s gonna keep better but it never did. I have a level 79 spoiler and I regret making it. A grade recipes and their parts drop at a ridiculous low rate by monsters that you have to farm 24/7 and pose a real threat to kill you. It’s super difficult to get a grade gear but you can always buy them from events!! So why allow players get that gear when they will buy it for $$ ?? Pay to win events one after another.. For real?? Go back to the subscription era. It was acceptable back then because you knew that you were going to pay for a game you like and it’s going to be effective. You were having fun at least. Now it’s constant misery and agony. A legislation has passed in Europe concerning loot boxes. Companies are forced to reveal the chances their loot boxes have to acquire that stuff or else it’s unethical. I would love to see that 0.000000000001 chance for an antharas earring on the loot boxes you sell so that I know before I throw my money on it. Another matter is the adena drainage. Elemental zones, blessed spiritshots, low adena drop rate, non sellable materials, super low spoil rates, all take adena out of server’s economy. I know the game is supposed to be hard but not like this. I was there on c1 when l2 started. It wasn’t like this. This is not classic. Having a spoiler, a crafter in town and a few characters farming IS SUPPOSED to help you make ends meet. In reality you can’t even afford ss for 1-2 characters. But hey we can always buy the next vip for some daily soulshots. This game feels to me like an experiment as is. A mobile game that’s played on pc and all you can do is spend money on it and watch it afk farm to give you a fake satisfaction. Solutions to fix things that gonna fall into deaf ears: a)Instantly increase adena drops to 300% of what is. (And maybe that’s low) b)Increase spoil rates (x4 at least of what is) and ADD more spoils on all monsters of all level ranges. C)Bring back crafting soulshots recipes for dwarves. D)Allow materials and parts to be sold to the shop again. E)Allow debuffs in raid bosses. Before the next server restart, it’s so easy to fix it on the code. F)Decrease the damage of monsters in all 75+ areas (ketra varka FI (inside) TI DV LOA GC) by 50% at least. G)Reduce adena drops to all areas below 50 level at least by 50%. (ROA, Abandoned camp, outside Aden etc etc) H)Give free c grade weapons armors to all new players for 10 days to be able to catchup at least and make sure the arena are enough for them to be self sustainable. I)Organize events that aren’t pay 2 win! Give us the joy of doing something that is innocent for once and doesn’t require to spend dollars for it. I know you have to achieve some money goals each month but so far all you do is just that so far. J)Fix broken skills. Fix broken chars. Fix elemental attribute on wc and ol. K)Allow the real % of loot boxes to be known. This is highly improbable to happen and you guys may even laugh when you read this, because the chances are close to 0 for some of the items you sell, but it’s our right to know on what we spent our money on. Fianl advice: Try to win us. Try to get closer to us. Be friendly to us. Listen to us. Stop thinking that we only pay and treat us like customers. Do you know what we all want? TO HAVE FUN. To feel the classic l2 game and I promise you we will pay more for it when all is fine. Draining somebody out of money continuously is not gonna work for ever, while making him have actual fun and by keeping him happy on the long term gonna give you back more. People who spend lots of money will be there and keep spending money as there are others to play with. With your decisions right now you are driving away all the low/medium spenders out of the games. How long until big spenders follow them and leave? I can assure you nobody will spend or play on an empty server. The above are my personal thoughts and are meant to give some constructive criticism and feedback. Do prove me wrong, read it and take actions upon it. Show US that ncsoft in not ONLY a money sucking company and that there is something classic in this server besides it’s name.. Over and out.