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  1. https://imgur.com/a/zTmdQ0K
  2. Hello fellow lineagers, I'm looking for a clan or cp to join in Giran server, which will offer me a nice atmosphere and actually enjoying the game and be also competitive and joining into the actions of the servers PvPs/Sieges/Rbs etc. Right now i'm coming as solo player, i have experience over the game through the years of playing it. Lately was on and off. So some info about me: I'm 24 will be playing as Tyrant Main Class, will be starting with chronicle pack and VIP 4. My GMT is +2 and i'll be playing for 10-12++ hours per day till November and after that my play time will vary from 4-8h per day. PS: Able to speak and understand, Eng,Ru,GR. For more info you can pm me here. Sincerely, Elray.
  3. Destoyer or Tyrant

    Thansk for the info, tyrant won't be able to do 2x or 4x mobs? or will be slower than titan and etc!