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  1. Server Fix !

    ^ +1
  2. Server Fix !

    Told you guys there's no effin hope! they will not do anything about it. all they know is how they can milk you *cashing cashing*
  3. Server Fix !

    There's no hope guys all they care is $$$$ period
  4. Server Fix !

    there's no hope in this servers why they would fix the bug in baium,antharas? so we can get free baium ring? antharas earring from raidboss? no!! go get it to l2store! $$$ Even in L2Classic anniversary they just give 1hr GM BUFFS LMAO!!
  5. How to activate zealot?

    they said i need a super sigel and +10 hat so my hp will go up
  6. Hi guys,How to activate zealot? without getting hit? i saw someone he activate zealot instantly i dont know how he low his hp thanks in advance!
  7. Legendary Hero

    Any info on legendary hero? is it 1 legendary per server? or per class? thanks in advance
  8. Anniversary event

    WOW ! ! ! Anniversary event? Gm buffs only? very nice of you guys =)))))))))))) trololol