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  1. Dear god that’s an essay ncsoft fails so many times the game not even worth playing anymore complete waste of time I came back few weeks now I quit again lol so many things are wrong in the game
  2. Lol no more auto hunt I lost interest in playing this game today was my last day login enjoy guys
  3. Do you really think nc soft will answer your questions they have o support lol.
  4. They won’t do a merge or they be no such thing of world Olympiad
  5. Let hope for the bests and see what nc juji has in stored for us most likely it be another p2w event lol
  6. Haha another pointless server restart I think it’s funny to bad the server is dead lol
  7. Lol zero support they won’t ban bots so many people use programs I can tell what is macro and what is a bot.
  8. lol your support team does nothing bots everywhere its pretty much not hard at all to spot a bot but ok everyone knows this guys a bot
  9. [Link removed] lol Beppler bot always dead videos coming soon
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