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  1. Prices in game are so high exactly because there are some farmers who can make trillions adena easy and control everything.
  2. Exactly those players are screaming here for IOS adena nerf. I was there to farm normally for 1h and ... ofc I was PK-ed by an archer who was desperated to farm 3 spot once. For sure all normal players from the game will cry a lot because those farmers will quit ... They are farming trillions adena, farm everything valuable in the game and ask funny prices for any gear.( 120b for a Elmore Cloak +10, 320b for Elmore Cloak +15, not even top augments for example). In their minds all players are farming 2b per hour in IOS or have no limit credit cards.
  3. OMG! All profesional farmers cry here a lot for IOS nerf .... No more scream on shouts how u make 2b per 1h? This way you destroyed market for normal players which need to pay trillions for any gear. You will make a favour to L2 if you leave ... so be my guest! For sure I will not cry for you!
  4. Why there are only normal enchant cloak scrolls pack? I think many ppl need cloaks +15 or more too ....
  5. I have a question .... Why Aden tour not continue when I finished my 40 races? Best thing I got after 40 races was Appearance ticket ... so no worry about we ll get rich, we ll get some more consumables that will be deleted if we don t use them. Now I have many useless Anniversary coins and Regular/Greater dices too ....
  6. I prefer all instances to give good exp/drops (Hellios/Gludio/Kama/Baylor) for normal ppl that are still making them ... and a stupid instance that can be done by thousands bots/boxes must have normal exp/reward(even 20tri is too much comparing with rest instances ...).
  7. Imperial Tomb gives 3x Exp I can get from all daily tour(Hellios/Gludio/Kama/Baylor). How much do you wanna get when kill 150 mobs and all your boxes get the reward? They explained that Imperial tomb gives 20 tri Exp during event. After this there will be only 10tri exp probably. That s enough anyway for killing only 150 mobs ... Perfect instance for bots and boxes.
  8. I agree that top players must have a profit because of time and money spended, but ... not so big discrepancy. Average players must have any reason to play too! They can t see any RB for example atleast ... they have been farmed for years by same "stacked" ppl.
  9. That s nothing when they were used to farm 15b per day ofc.
  10. There were 8 servers atleast before as I remember. What we have now? 2 servers full of boxes and bots. There are more farmers than real players. For sure "stacked" ppl have nothing to do with this ofc.
  11. NCwest should investigate why are you so desperate to farm so much and what are you doing with all this adena. Probably they will have a surprise from those "stacked" ppl.
  12. Exactly that s the ideea ... 30 players are farming everything in this game and others can only fish for some bones. Most players don t even go at sieges for example, because they will be 1 shot for those "stacked" ppl who farm everything.
  13. Balok was nerfed too! The last good instance with some drops for normal players .... Need 14 ppl to enter, that means 1/2 drops than before update. So ... a normal player have 1/14 chance to get a rune stone doing a hard instance and the "stacked" ppl wanna get 1-2b per hour watching TV. You should stop talking about quit, cancel subsciption etc ... nobody cares. Normal players can live without the "stacked" ones for sure. This game will be for sure more playable and there will be more new players ingame, not only thousands of bots and boxes, farmers.
  14. Come on ... now you are talking about 400m/hour, no more 20b per day only profit? What s the ideea to have only some stacked ppl in server? The others ppl what to do? Selling them ncoins for adena, making them even more stacked and watch how they farm everything with value in game, being 1 shot at sieges/olympiad, etc. That s the new L2 ....
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