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  1. So, literally the top 3 ranked on Talking Island server straight bot 24/7, not loop bot. auto rez, heals, sing and dance dropping and reinviting bards. Literally all you have to do is review their logs NCsoft, hime, juji, any gm that cares. literally they dont even bother to hide it, its well known. I;m sure each server is no different. There are videos of the top bot on TI, being repeatedly killed by a perma red over and over for hours, logging off, restarting, logging in supports rez do over 24/7.
  2. @Hime @Juji will the feather of blessing from the red libra npcs be removed when event ends or will the remain? people dont want to buy them in bulk from npc if they are being deleted. we will be awaiting your response
  3. the store is going to add them eventually, why not now so we can deal with dbags +
  4. i think it will be a great idea, and i'm willing to pay for the scrolls. low, mid and high grade pk scrolls, remove 1, 3, 5 respectfully in that order of pks, and karma scrolls to wash them too, why not, because you can't afford them?
  5. the current pk system is horrible and only instigates ksing and griefing with no repercussions. @Himeor @Juji is there a way to add pk scrolls to the NC store. I would buy s 100 right now. I am sure hundreds of people would also. a great opportunity for ncsoft to make additional money.???
  6. me and the wife have 7 accounts are vip 4 and 3 are over 15k ncoins spent, if you want faster login get your account to vip 4, quit being a cheap arse. if you cant afford vip then deal with it. in this version people who pay should get the benefit of logging in faster, even skelth has 10 euro a month sub, and thats with no perks.
  7. bump on this, @Juji @Hime would be nice to know the estimated launch time.
  8. lol nazi really? you even know what country nazi's were from?
  9. the clan i am going to when server opens i think i will be the only warsmith main atm, it takes someone who really loves the class to main it, i have been playing warsmith since 2005, only time i hated the class was when GoD opened and the destroyed it couldnt even get a golem till 99 pfff and they ruined the craft system with some bs. i still kept on being the oddball main tho, so glad its back to what it should be for warsmiths.
  10. Erica > sayha > Chronos - TinyRenee (maestro), TomSawyer (sps), Johnnyvictor (se)
  11. Lachy it's the same as it has always been with a few bonuses, in classic spoils actually land and golems don't take exp from the master and they are beefed up some. As always in general partys warsmiths are the extra dd, not as welcomed, until someone needs some shots or gear crafted then they'll be your best friend. Spoilers will be welcomed gladly in most exp partys for free loot for everyone. In the beginning of this new server nukers will reign in Exp single target and aoe for exp and in pvp since no one has any decent jewels.
  12. Dwarves in classic are pretty stout, Any class can be countered in classic the only ones to be feared most the time are DA's in oly, a Warsmith played right can wreck people but, keep thinking the way you do, i'll be posting some videos when oly does come to classic on my warsmith, going to be some tears when people get beat by a warsmith.
  13. honestly been playing l2 classic eu since this event has started, feels good to see drops on the ground, actual gear dropped every now and then, grind or farm for something actually attainable. a craft system that makes sense. no l2store. 2 euro a month. love it. old school no dealing with l2 lotto.
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