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  1. Hopefully a monthly fee type that's actually like the game used to be. Not this free to play (Pay to win) AFK centric abomination they've labeled Classic. I would actually play again if they did. Not getting my hopes up (again) though.
  2. /agree! Omg the memories from forums And the Website was so much better. Whole pages on Lineage 2 lore. Competitions... I think someone won an Alienware gaming laptop back in the day if I remember correctly... first to level 40?
  3. With the coronavirus stuff going on and being stuck at home for the last few weeks, I've become bored enough to write what is definitely an overly bloated essay about things that have been said a million times already. But... I've little else to do at the moment, so here goes. Read it if you're bored like me, or just pass it by. It's probably exactly what you expect it to be. And it would be nice, but totally not expecting it, if someone from NCSoft would read this, since it's mostly directed at you people. So, here goes. I played Lineage 2 on Bartz since C2 with my 2 brothers, who both p
  4. This is pretty funny My character was Durandal with my 2 boxed buffers. I love the cropped screenshots btw. Nothing to hide there. And for the full story, they had all logged in on a little ramp that was safe from mobs, then walked into the area I'd been in for over an hour and immediately PKed me and went to killing mobs before I said anything about his bots. Not even mad about it, it's part of the game. Then he PKed my buffers when they tried to drop him while he was red. Then he immediately went on rant about how he wasn't botting. I hadn't even said anything or used the bot report button
  5. There was adena spam and bots galore in pay to play. Back then the issue was the botters/adena spammers would use stolen credit card numbers and stuff. Sure eventually ncsoft would eventually catch up but that was weeks lat er. Oh I remember... and that's totally true but I imagine there were a lot more people playing back then before the pay-to-win killed it... so illegal adena sale was a lot more profitable. Who knows, maybe it still is? I just know free-to-make countless accounts to spam till they get banned is an awful lot cheaper, and more viable to the farmers, than putting up
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