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  1. All chat goes to general chat

    The same thing happened to me. 1. June 3rd. 2. Didn't test other chars on the same account. I could use chat as normal on other accounts. 3. Don't have other pc. 4. Happened only once. 5. No, just made a report. At first they told me it was fixed, but it wasnt so i msg support again. After the 2nd report which was 2 days later they fixed it. 6. Windows 10 Home. PS. It also happened to few other clan members (MorningStar - Chronos) we just thought its some kind of new chat ban we receive after being mass blocked in game.
  2. The quest is bugged, the gms dont have any fix for yet is what they told me.
  3. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    On what date can we expect the patch notes, 21st? We would like to have some time to prepare before hand, if there will be any removed items. thanks
  4. Heroes, August 2018

    no one cares about 2nd place and even more about 3rd place.
  5. Its so cute how you believe we will be getting the update in August To the NC staff: take a look at how neatly they have made the EU notes and learn and apply to any incoming notes you will ever have to post, cuz last update notes were not good at all
  6. Zureil in denial

    Show the class the icon is the same as feohs, its on dual lol
  7. To @Hime and @Neutron Can you explain to us why some of the clan rep rewards have been nerfed? At the moment the only one that i could verify was the winning Fortress reward, since we haven't had siege yet, and its not end of month for hero/coc hero. The original reward for winning a fortress is 40,000 clan rep, but we only get 10,000. Reward Table - Full Content With the changes to the clan leveling system and the HUGE amount of CRP required to lvl it up, dont you think its unfair of you to decrease the clan rep rewards from events like those? Even in Korea with the that amount of rewards they have been unable to get even 1 clan up to lvl 13 and you guys just reduce ours by 4 times??? Looking for explanation and FIX ASAP! Source of information: http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/update/view?articleId=627488