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  1. SO you put the items for sell in l2store, but no options to learn in the Learn Skills window? GJ :clap:
  2. That is only IF we even get that option, cuz u know how much NCwest loves $$$. There is a HUGE chance they will remove this free option from the update so they can put the spellbooks in l2store for $. Like you can see right now with this event. This is probably why they even put it now, so they can take as much $$$ as possible before the update comes, just in case by some miracle the free option is added.
  3. I totally agree with this, you can probably count on both hands the people are are 108+ on Chronos... We need a serious XP event , not just 48h on weekends..most people rely on weekdays exp cuz they are busy during the weekends..
  4. Same case-by-case basis that allows some players(high payers) to transfer NON-TRADABLE items like shirts and lvl3-4 jewels from 1 toon to another, while other players asking for the same thing can go bleep themselves. PS: ive seen the proofs for accepted and rejected requests of that, so no point denying it. IF u allow something for 1 player, u open the door for everybody, but then u give answers like "We DONT provide services like that" when everyone knows you do.. Its a slap in the face...
  5. I dont know who this CLASSICmergeCHRONOS is, but he is on some heavy drugs/alcohol lol... I have no idea where u come up with this conclusions ... nova, max, sunshine, losbandidos.. LOL. And of all people in losbandidos you picked the 1 guy who has been least active as the "last hope" Divekio win 1v1 Zureil? what are you smoking dude.. Divekio cant even take 10% off of Zureil's HP . And fyi dragons have nothing to do with PVP so they dont determine who is the strongest or not .
  6. Sunshine can never take Aden LOLOLOL Zureil = Helios boss? To answer the question, no probably they cant kill him
  7. Lucky cast. How about you mention how nova was PRing from their own castle for the rest of the siege to avoid dying?
  8. "New bow" he says and yet all the videos are more than half a year old lmao
  9. @Hime @Juji Arent your calculations like SUPER OFF.. I just finished 2x instance and got only 100 marks 100 marks * 29 days = 2900 marks -700 marks for bracelet = 2200 / 350 marks for enchant = 6 enchants only.. so before the update finishes i can ONLY make my bracelet +6? ****************************************************** And if people get 120 marks for 2x instances 120 marks * 29 = 3480 marks -700 marks = 2780 / 350 = 7.9 LOL so only +7 bracelet.. and soooo close to +8, but NOT even close to +10... big failure ...
  10. I was told by couple of people that this item is used for upgrading to r110 weapons, but we still havent reached this update
  11. @Juji Do people get random number of marks or is it 60 per instance, cuz i asked and EVERYBODY got 60 but i got only 40... i feel super cheated...
  12. @Juji I got drop from the 1st boss. What is it for? There is no info about it in the event page..
  13. Nuky

    MAX quit DS?!?

    Its not now, MAX hasnt come to dimensional in months.
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