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  1. To @Hime and @Neutron Can you explain to us why some of the clan rep rewards have been nerfed? At the moment the only one that i could verify was the winning Fortress reward, since we haven't had siege yet, and its not end of month for hero/coc hero. The original reward for winning a fortress is 40,000 clan rep, but we only get 10,000. Reward Table - Full Content With the changes to the clan leveling system and the HUGE amount of CRP required to lvl it up, dont you think its unfair of you to decrease the clan rep rewards from events like those? Even in Korea with the that amount of rewards they have been unable to get even 1 clan up to lvl 13 and you guys just reduce ours by 4 times??? Looking for explanation and FIX ASAP! Source of information: http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/update/view?articleId=627488