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  1. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    I dont think has anything to do with bots or inflation. Little by little they are turning this game into a mobile game. We are an experiment. If Lineage 2 Revolution was any indication of what Lineage 2 Mobile will be, we will simply buy everything from the shop and autofarm in the field. The problem is they keep removing pieces of the actual economy without replacing it with the adena drops to replace it. Even worse, they keep on adding content to yields ZERO adena, like elemental zones.
  2. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    Maybe you can fix 1 more thing while you are at it.......Why does the official site limit me to 2-3 different account logins per day? I have a lot of accounts, and most of them are entitled to a rune, but for some reason your site blocks my IP from logging into my accounts after i have logged 2-3 in the same day. So for I have only been able to retrieve rune on 5 of my accounts because of these login restrictions. WTF?
  3. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    @Juji Did you guys have contest on who can come up with the patch ideas that would drive the most people out of the game, and this is the idea that won? 90% of the server bots because you have already driven most of the live players away. The ones that dont bot are already looping 24/7, rarely even play live for raids or sieges. Adena sellers have locked down all the best game content with complex scripts that automate everything from farming Butler for Golberg keys, to killing epics like AQ, Core, and Orfen within minutes of spawn. The only content they are not farming is the content which you have broken....higher level epics where debuffs dont land, and you cant even cancel the buffs on the bosses when the Adena Sellers grief you by buffing the bosses that spawn at a fixed time. A grade is not atainable by the average player who is not running a bot train in a Catacomb 24/7 because of the cost of cloths and A gems, and even those who have all the best gear are still a 1 shot in all the high level hunting areas. So what do you guys do? You make looping easier while making adena 10x harder? Genius! People dont craft anymore anyway because the A-gems make it too expensive, and cloths make it too expensive to unseal. Crystals are worthless because you took shot crafting away. So what is your fix to this? Make mats and keys worthless, and lower the adena value of full items? That is the literal opposite of fixing a problem. Then to make things even worse, you remove Spiritshots so it will cost mages and healers 250% more adena to function? Wow, you guys really freaking hate us, dont you? Please help us by fixing things, before making new problems for the few of us left. We need epics raised to lvl 80 and put on a fixed spawn so that real players can at least compete with the bots and adena sellers We need A gems in the grocery store and clothes to be farmable...maybe lets cloths be sold by Sven, like magic tablets are? We need our debuiffs to land on high level epics like Baium and Antharas, and we need cancel to work on removed buffs And unless you are going to lower the price on Blessed Spiritshot significantly, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont remove spiritshots. PS WTF was the point of make siege porting 50k? How was that even on someones mind? Hard enough finding live players who even want to siege, you had to tax the shit out of us so even less people go? Edit to add: PLEASE GIVE US THE L-COIN STORE! The internet is a global thing, and we can see that you have given it to everyone else around the world. Why must we be punished?
  4. BepplerBots

    LOL, is this the same Molehead on TI who runs an entire alt clan of bot parties, and spams world chat all day long threatening to "24/7 pk" anyone who messes with his bots or doesnt do what he says? This guy is like a cold sore that just wont go away. Support should ban this tool for harrassing the entire server with his nonstop whining, crying, and empty threats.