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  1. 1. I dont think this is possible. They have built their entire platform around botting and RMT. Limiting clients would affect their revenues across all their games. How many people are still running bot trains on Classic while playing here? It would also open them to huge liability of refund. It's better for them if people just quit out of frustration 2. 3rd server will become same as the other 2 as long as 3 days of Sayha is given out just for playing 3. this is the way
  2. Regardless of what Sunshine or any of the other GMs tell you, there is no solution to the lag. They will not upgrade their server, even if they could. The free grace cookies allow new toons to be made and can run 2-3 days straight with grace, farming up to 3m+ adena each toon, maybe more with some lucky drops, without ever having to spend a single dollar or Euro. With a 10 box limit, every hardcore player, no-lifer, RMT gamer, and adena farmer are running 10 toons per PC, and many have multiple PCs. All of these toons are flooding the servers and causing the lag. This is why the lag didnt
  3. Just timed it, 20 second delay on consumables again
  4. now delay is closer to 15 seconds
  5. About a 7 second delay right now. How long ago was restart/crash?
  6. And the problem is how do you go back now? They would have to refund every purchase made on every account someone claimed to be theirs above the new limit, and I dont see them doing that, do you? The only option at this point is to migrate the game to a much bigger and more expensive server. This too is problematic because the game population will be 20% of its current size by the end of the month, negating the need for the bigger server. I am sure their solution will be to have a trash server and make excuses until enough people quit to fix the lag on it's own, and that way they
  7. No, unless you can spoil NCoin or L2 Coin lol
  8. You would think a decent company with decent employees would be depositing extra passes and potions in players accounts for the inconvenience. Has anyone here gotten anything yet?
  9. No its not. 10 windows = 10 Sayha Will = 480 Ncoin x 10 = 4800 Ncoin = $60/month possible from one player just for Sayha Will. Why do they care if the game is unplayable for lag?
  10. What are you talking about? They are resolving it. Restart server every 2 hours to kick AFKs. Problem solved. Now buy some more NCoin.
  11. That and they are hosting the server with the cheapest service possible.
  12. This is what happens when you host your game on a $20/month server
  13. While collecting my daily packs, it took more than 90 second from the time I clicked to the time I received it. Is this server running on a Commodore 64 in @Sunshinebasement? What a joke.
  14. Sunshine getting testy lawl
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