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  1. after 7 pages of debate this can no longer be ignored, it's time for an official answer please, the community deserve that much after the endless epic spending we are doing here !
  2. this post is a fail from start, i will forgive the one who posted for his ignorance and my time waste. friendly advice, dance while u here since u here, if no, clear the spot and let the ones who wanna have fun to enjoy their game !
  3. 16th anniversary screenshot contest

    where is the result ?

    i wish a lot that one day they will do something to help people stuck playing on their dual class...
  5. High Latency Experienced After Game Update

    my little friends... we've been deceived
  6. agree, make the item Ether tradable !!!!!!!!!!!!! do something useful once in a while a care for the player....
  7. hey ncwest, i really hope you gone get me with this, since u from west too i would like to receive e-mail when one of my items got sold in auction house, we're in 21 century and i don't think it will be a problem for u to add this feature, isn't it ? thank you bro, keep the cool work up, from Compton with love <3