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  1. BE CAREFUL when posting this supposed personal print , on your side also do this...
  2. I'm still trying to figure out which pvp you guys fight so much about?
  3. What an incredible tribute , I am sorry for the loss of you , I hope ncwest can pay this tribute to one of the many who love this game ...++++
  4. Lineage 2 known issues today 1: the class change system, it is impossible to change classes in some characters because there is a weight in the bag that doesn't make any sense, each certificate change is torture for the player. 2: war system does not work , the system is only for some clans to send war to others in order to disrupt your farm , war does not generate pvp only hinder the clans that want to pve and level up with the biggest 3 : why do i still get hero from eviscerator every month ? 4: the drops and xp of the aden instances are not at all inviting to mount u pt
  5. 5 days and no ADMS repply ... @Hime @Jujiwhat's the purpose of creating a topic where you don't give any answer or make any dialog with de players ????
  6. in case of failure, it becomes dye powder and you lose the dye
  7. @TimmyJohns I saw your videos, I want to congratulate you, it's great to have players that try to make the server grow and help people who don't understand the game to have a better idea of how to play, about people criticizing their gear, play the game , these people are not going anywhere ... hug
  8. Well, let's go ... 1. Hunting Zones and Raid Bosses Some changes were ok, but you just left several farm airs empty and touching on the subject that ALL commented the adms team owe some areas for leveling cps from 107 to 111 because an MMORPG is not a solo game as the name says, we at West are not Koreans and there is still a long way to go to their level and equipment level and that of most other servers, in relation to plunderous and adena, since you nerfed plunderous because you understood that you should not drop "too much" adena in a weak area you should put the same amount of adena
  9. beansidhe = crows crows have 3 heros
  11. any notice about fehos mana barrier @Yidao ?
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