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  1. maybe the new joke excuse applies again server area has bad weather
  2. the don't give a rats a$$ about what you write in forums they completely ignore everyone and everything they don't write even "server's up" anymore good job visawarriors continue putting food on their tables
  3. etina solo issue is back from september 2019 also with servers passive skill (lag) i opened ticket also and they close it saying "we haven't heard anything back from you. We're going to assume that this issue is solved"
  4. its the only way to force you to buy adena from bots with contracts
  5. 0.0009 ? holy potato you are new also
  6. you still don't know that the chances for good items are 0.0001 ? you must be pretty fresh in l2 official
  7. read what i wrote carefully or use google and you will realise that you didnt understand
  8. change server or even game ncwest dont give a rats ass about f2p players ingame economy
  9. too borred to argue with someone that doesnt get the end line of this maybe its the language difference
  10. dont know exactly what you mean with the word jelly i just answered to previous poster who wrote for ncsoft giving something "special" to milking cows but both people having cursed swords every day never paied nothing to ncwest
  11. the same people get zariche and akamanah every single time with the exception of 1-2 days someone else got zariche both of them dont pay a single cent in ncwest edit: solution is simple make the sword bound to the one who picks it up end of story
  12. and then you wake up cause you hit your head on the nightstand
  13. do whatever you like it will be free2play till 99 level then if you dont have really deep pocket you gonna quit
  14. that way you dont spend adena and RMT bots who have contract with ncwest will be out of business
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