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  1. Hime, why you delete our posts?

    as i wrote in your other post noone cares about RMT bots also you have @@ writing in forums when all your clan (MAZE) farms and sell adena for real $$$
  2. hahahahah the first gets gift from ncwest 10 billion adena per day with zariche the second just farms one RMT blackmails the other RMT you want a medal now you posted screenshots ? or you think anyone cares if you pay zariche to let you farm?
  3. i write once more they know who has bots and who sells adena for real money they have contract with them the only bots that get banned are those who dont have edit: also stop crying in forums they dont give a rats a.. about your posts
  4. i would like from someone to post what innova rewards will be cause here again have crap
  5. Letter event

    continue to spend real $$ to ncwest and they will continue to treat you like s..t
  6. RMT bots have contract ingame prices even for items sold by npcs are way high (including teleports) so RMT bots can sell adena no problem to be solved the only decent thing they can do is sell adena directly from l2shop but never gonna happen cause RMT bots will sue them and take their pants
  7. instead of renting or buying a better server they experiment on our backs its that simple all that macros rolling even in towns need computing power which they dont have they didnt expected to experience or thought their server will do the job fafurion is on top of them