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  1. Hero chat

    please fix chat filter options to be the same as before the update, it isnt fair to have to block each hero to fix the clan and ally chat being spammed.

    please fix the chat filter options back to the way it was before update, sometimes clan and ally gets spammed off, would be nice to filter each tab to your own preference like before.
  3. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

    As someone who spends way more than i am comfortable admitting. not this time Ncsoft... and everyone else should choose not to as well. crits now are altready 1 shots, dont need this new item. and we are getting super dumb with all the glows and junk already with armor and weapon glows. dont need more bling... super cheesy.. i for one hate everything about this new stuff already. This is an insult on top of many other insults.
  4. NA Server With Euro time Events Only

    i only bought 1 pack and i am worried i might not spend them lol i turned in like 5 one time and it timed out, and the second time i was a couple mins late and it was done >.< oh well atleast they can be put in a sell shop, make it someone elses problem
  5. NA Server With Euro time Events Only

    agreed... what the heck man, i tried to be here at 3pm pacific, and i was here at 3:04 and it was long over... lol at this rate i might not get a chance to spend the tickets i did buy... who thought this schedule and system up?
  6. Kingdom Cloaks please

  7. Lag and frequent DCing

    already done #23292497
  8. Lag and frequent DCing

    anyone else experiencing log in troubles? and when you do log in, sometimes its fine for a couple mins, then the lag starts followed by disconnect. All day. this started for me just before reset yesterday. i did some troubleshooting on my end and with my ISP and cant find any thing on my end... no one else is complaining on forums about this yet, so i wonder if i missed something, or if people have just not posted about this trouble.
  9. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, November 21, 2018

    Even better is when they take the passes out of the store more than 2 hours before maintenance is due.... Thanks for that, I only needed one more run to have enough to buy another scroll....
  10. BAN for using CTRL button?

    Wow.... So now you are not allowed to used chains while holding control down? Someone was afk in a non peace zone and got pulled (most likely an enemy to him not some random innocent) Pretty sure lildink did this to my character yesterday, but did i get mad? did i report? hell no i didnt.... i shouldn't have gone afk in a NON PEACE ZONE... I rezed up and when about my day, i didn't goto the ticket section and start keyboading... seriously GMs... get on the same darn page on crap.... Giving away accounts, Reversing and then reversing the reverse on weapons, and now this ??? so close together.... unless he found a way to pull people out of town ( impossible) he should not have been banned, warned, nothing. Everyone needs to take a chill pill on the petition crap... at this point submitting a ticket on ANYTHING is pretty much an exploit, cause who ever answers the ticket will most likely do what ever you ask. I mean they gave my account away last month to someone who is not me and only knew basic people search information, nothing complex at all. By the way people are saying i account shared, that's why my account was scammed, no... I am 100% original owner and never once account shared, I know it sounds unlikely to most of you but its true, I don't think the GM's would have gone through the hassle over 8 days and 3 pages worth of back and fourth in my support ticket finally having to give my ticket over to the "Lead GM" ( by the way he was the only one who seemed to know anything at all) if they could have just said "we found evidenced of account sharing" if that jerk or anyone else ever once had ever had access to my account and NC was able to see in logs he was verified previous to the scam, I would be naked in game still. Peace~ P.s. hope you get the ban reversed soon lildink